The Cubs-An Update

The Cubs UpdateI don’t know the last time I have done an update on the cubs so since I am trying to have a post each day in November I figured now was a good time to write one.  Alley Cat aka Elinore is also sick and I am not sure how long she will be around so I figured I should write down some memories of her because after she is gone I know I won’t be able to write about her without crying.  If you are new here and haven’t read what I wrote about them before you can click here and check that out.  Anyway lets get on to the updates on the girls.

As I reading this post I realized that I may not have talked about Brycen before on here so if I haven’t he is my brothers son who just turned one.

Alley One


Like I said before Elinore aka Alley Cat is sick.  We aren’t 100% sure what is wrong with her because I don’t have money to really do the testing to find out what is going on with her.  The vet thinks it is probably inflammatory bowel disease and/or cancer.  So all we are really doing to treat her is give her cortisone shots about once a month.  Once those stop working though we will have to put her down.  Alley also doesn’t mind being around Brycen which is crazy because most cats don’t like little kids.  She will let him pet her and things like that.


Not much is really going on with Sylvia right now which is a good thing because I don’t think I could handle both of them being sick at the same time and having even more vet bills to pay right now.  Sylvia hates Brycen around her.  She just avoids him and if she does get caught by him she will just growl & hiss at him.  She hasn’t ever tried to hurt him so we don’t have to worry about that with him.  I don’t have any recent pictures of Sylvia so I am going to try and take one tonight when I get home from work so I can post it here.

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I Loved . . .

I Loved

This week for the writers workshop I am going to write about number one which is: A movie you loved as a child.  There are a few movies that I loved as a child so I am going to post a few of the ones that I loved.

The first one that came to mind when I read this post had to be the movie “Labyrinth“.


Even now when I watch this movie it makes me smile and I am not 100% sure what it is about this movie that I loved so much.  It has David Bowie in it and if you haven’t seen it then I think it is worth watching if you want a good laugh.

The second movie I loved was “Willow”.


I have tried to watch this movie as an adult and I am not sure what I liked about it because I literally can’t get through watching the movie now.  I remember parts of this movie but everytime I try and watch it now that I am an adult I turn it off because it is that bad.

The third movie I loved was “The Wizard of Oz”

Wizard Of Oz

There isn’t much to say about this movie because I love it that much.  When it was realised a few years ago on DVD I bought several copies because the VHS I had broke and I didn’t want to be without it again.  I basically have the whole movie memorized and yet I still get excited if I see that it is on TV.  To me this will always be a classic movie.

The fourth and final movie that I loved was “The Sound of Music”

The Sound of Music

I still love this movie and I watch it all the time.  It did take until I was an adult to get everything that was really going on in the movie.  Once I realized what was going on in the movie I loved it even more.  I have always loved WWII so that made me love the movie even more.

Those are the four movies that came to mind right when I read the prompt.

What movies did you love as a child?

Mama’s Losin’ It

This weeks prompts

1.) A movie you loved as a child.

2.) Write a post inspired by the word: lost.

3.) Five of your current favorite things.

4.) Pinterest inspired! Share a pin you actually tried. How did it go?

5.) You’re better off without it…

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10 Things I Miss About Being A Kid

10 Things I Miss About Being A Kid

This week for the writers workshop I am going to write about number 5 which is 10 things I miss about being a kid.  This is pretty easy for me since I always find myself telling kids to enjoy being young because being an adult sucks!  So here are the 10 things I miss about being a kid.

  1. I miss not having to do anything but go to school during the week.
  2. I miss the fact that now I have to worry about money and paying bills.
  3. I miss that I really didn’t have a care in the world and I could pretty much do whatever.
  4. I miss how things were back then.  I hate how in todays society you have so many more worries and concerns than there used to be.  I guess the best way to describe what I am trying to say is by saying how bully’s are today and how you can’t even escape them when you are at home like you could when I was a kid.
  5. I miss the fact that I wasn’t sick like I am now and that I could do more things than I am able to now.
  6. I miss the fact that I could sleep.  It is crazy to me how as a kid I hated going to bed but now that I basically can’t go to bed and sleep without taking something I miss being able to lay down and just sleep without taking anything.
  7. I miss not having any major responsibilities such as going to work or paying doctors bills.
  8. I hate that I know have to keep track of doctors appointments and any other appointments that come up.
  9. I hate that I can’t just ask my parents for money anymore when I run out of money during the month.
  10. I miss how I used to feel safe when I was younger and I never had a care in the world.  Now you hear all the time about kidnappings and things like that which makes me not want to raise kids in todays society.

Those are the first 10 things that came to my mind but I am sure after I post this I will think of a tons more things that I miss.  That being said what do you miss about being a kid?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Changes Over The Last Year

Wow this past year has changed me in so many ways. I can’t even imagine where I would be if my life hadn’t changed that much.  I am going to write about the changes over the last year for me and some of the people in my life. All the changes has been so good for me and also for the people that are in my life.

It was this time last year that they let Misti go at work. I still remember the day they let her go like it was yesterday even though I still wish that is was just a bad dream and that I could wake up for it. I don’t know that it will ever be the same here without her being here. It is even harder to wrap my head around the fact that she has had a baby and is now a mother.

Also anyone who has followed my blog from the start will know that my daughters birthday is coming up and that always makes it a tough time of year for me. I am finding that this year is going to be harder than some of the past years have been. It is always hard to gauge how a year will be for me but I think this is going to be hard for me.

Well that was quite the tangent so lets get back to the post. Other than those things I am still pretty much blogging about the same things. I really haven’t changed what I blog about because I have always just blogged about my life and for the most part my life doesn’t change that much.

How has the past year been for you?

Mama’s Losin’ It-Changes over the last year

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Crazy Cats

I haven’t posted about my cats in awhile so I figured that I would post about them.  I took this pictures a few weeks ago when my Grandparents were out of town.  If you want to see any of the pictures bigger just click on them.

Also here are 2 videos I took of the girls as well.

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Standing Still

I am sure everyone knows the saying Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?  That is sort of how I have been feeling lately.  I feel like I am standing still while watching all of my friends passing me by and living their lives.  It has been hard for me to  watch life pass me by but I also know that I am just where I need to be in life.  It is hard at times to watch everyone I know get married and start their families.  I am not sure why this is so hard for me right now because I don’t want to be married and I don’t think I ever want kids of my own.
I think part of this comes because it is lonely to be the single one with no kids.  Now don’t get me wrong I am 100% happy for my friends that they are happy and doing everything they want to do with their lives.  I guess it all boils down to that it is hard to be the last one.  Some of you know that I am technically married right now but there is no way my husband and I would ever get back together to much has happened between us for it to ever work.
I have to wonder if I will ever get married again or if I will ever even date again.  Right now for the most part I am totally content to be single and not have to answer to anyone.  There are those days when I wish that I wasn’t single and I believe I have those days because my friends are either married or all in relationships so I see couples all the time.  Heck the office I work in everyone but one guy is married so I always seem to be the single one but most of the time that is okay.
I know this post rambled but it was just the thoughts I have had in my head that I knew need to be typed out.  I feel better now that I have typed it.
For everyone who is or has been in my spot what things have helped you?
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Halloween From The Past

These are the girls costumes from last year.  I didn’t get them any new ones this year so I am going to dress them up in some of the other ones I have used over the years.  The pictures are blurry because they wanted to run away from me.

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Writers Workshop

This weeks for the Writers Workshop I decided to combine the first to prompts because I can fit both of them.  Here are the first 2 prompts: 1.) A list of things you no longer have in common with your single/childless friends…and why you love them anyways, 2.) A list of things you no longer have in common with your married/child bearing friends…and why you love them anyways.  I fit into both of them because yes I have had a child so I understand what it feels like to have a child and the love you feel for that child but I also placed her for adoption so I don’t know what the sleepless night feel like or what parenting is like.  I know what not having kids feels like as well so I feel like I don’t fit in either group anymore.  I fit the best when I find other girls that have placed a baby for adoption and know the feelings that go along with it.  I still love all of my friends but I am starting to wish that I had more friends that had placed their children for adoption.  I just am finding that a have a few things in common with both groups but I also have enough different from them that I don’t really fit in with either group.  I hate being in the group I am in but I know I am here because I made the best choice I could make for her. This weeks post is short but I feel as if I covered everything I need to!

A Lot Of Random Things

I am going to us bullets in this post because I have a few things I want to write about and I haven’t used them in awhile.

  • First I want to thank all of my followers and welcome all of my new followers.  I can’t believe that I have 130 right now.  I remember when I was just getting into the whole blogging scene and starting to learn about followers and people reading my blog that I had never met IRL.  At that time it was weird to me but I decided why not lets see what is out there and here I am with 130 people reading my blog!  I still don’t understand why but I am thankful for each and everyone of you!
  • I got a new layout and I totally love it!  Jacqui does my makeovers and I totally adore the girl!  She does a great job and made it look so grown up!  Let me know what you think of it.
  • My kids are totally crazy and Sylvia has decided she is top cat even though she is the youngest out of them all.  Go figure.  Last night she was guarding the bathroom and nothing could go in.  It was quite funny to watch her try and beat up anything that tried to enter “her” bathroom.
  • I got the funniest anonymous comment the other day so I figured I would post all of it but the links.  It was so funny I could help but laugh at it.  Here it is:  HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia  and being forced to post spam comments on blogs and forum! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. 

Well there is the randomness for now!  Have a great day!