Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Writers Workshop

Why Can't I Lose Weight

This week for the writer’s workshop I am going to be talking about a few reasons why I can’t lose weight. I know there a ton of reasons, but these are the ones that came to my mind first when I was writing this post. I also am well aware of what I am doing will cause me to gain weight or just make is so I can’t lose weight.

I had lost a ton of weight about six years or so ago, but I started a medication that made me put on tons of weight in a short period, and I haven’t lost all of it. Even though at times I have tried harder than other times I can’t see to get the weight off again. Here are a few reasons why I can’t lose weight.

  1. The first one is because I refuse to stop drinking Dr. Pepper. I have had to cut out so many other things out of my diet because of allergies or because of sensitivities to things like gluten. I know I would lose weight if I could do it out, but there is no way that will ever cut it out.
  2. The next reason is that I enjoy eating chips and fried foods. I love salty foods, and I would eat them for every meal if I could get away with it.
  3. Another is that I don’t work out, and I have the desire to start. I always say I can’t work out because of the Multiple Sclerosis, but it is just because I am lazy, and I don’t want to.
  4. I also know that I would lose weight if I had another job where I wasn’t sitting at a desk all day long and rarely leaving my desk. I used to help out in the warehouse when I was bored but because of the job I am training to do I am pretty much stuck at my desk all day.
  5. I also just sit around and watch tv on the weekends or read a book. For example, on Sunday I am lucky if I get over two thousand steps in. Most Sundays I only get about fifteen hundred steps. I know if I were more active I would lose weight. It also gets hard for me to do things because my sleep is terrible so by the time I get off work it is all I can do to go home take a bath and go to bed.

Those are five things that I know if I changed I would lose weight but as you can see I am not highly motivated to do any of them.

What is one reason you aren’t losing weight?

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9 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Today – Writer’s Workshop

9 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Today

This week for the writer’s workshop I am going to write about number two: which is nine things I would rather be doing today. Let’s see what the nine things are that come to my mind first.

  1. Reading Books-I would love to be able to read books that I get more control over when it comes to picking them out.
  2. Watching my favorite TV shows
  3. Binging on YouTube videos
  4. Shopping
  5. I would rather be on vacation
  6. Sleeping-I could sleep all day long because my body is tired during the day and it wants to stay awake all night long.
  7. Binge watching Netflix and Hulu
  8. Taking classes on website coding and design
  9. I would like just to sit and do nothing because at times there is nothing better than not having to do anything. I love not having to do anything at all.

Those are nine things I would rather be doing than being stuck at work. What is one thing you would rather be doing?

Here are the other prompts in case you want to join in:

1. If you could have any super mom power, what would it be?
2. List nine things you’d rather be doing today.
3. Talk about something you were allowed to do as a child that you will not allow your child to do.
4. Write a blog post the ends with the word: share
5. Your dream summer vacation.

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My Favorite Summer TV Shows- Writers Workshop

My Favorite Summer TV Shows

This week for the writer’s workshop I wanted to share a few of the TV shows that I am currently loving.  I always have the TV on in the background when I am home, and I have found a few good shows that I have been totally enjoying this summer.  Let’s get right to the shows I have been watching lately.

  • The first show that I have found and love watching is called Escaping Polygamy, and it is on A&E.   It airs on Sunday nights and ever since I found it I find myself binge watching it.  A few years ago I read all the books I could find that were written by women who escaped polygamy so I knew once I saw this show that I would love it, and I was right.
  • Another show I have been loving is The First 48 and it is also on A&E.  I am sure I have talked about this show before because I have watched it for years and I will even watch the episodes that I have already seen one hundred times because I find the show so interesting.
  • Another show that I am loving is Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.   I have watched this show pretty much since I have been blogging, and I can’t get enough of it.  There is another show on the Travel Channel that I enjoy, and that one is called The Dead Files.  I don’t watch it as much because it is at the same time as Lockup, so I usually end up watching Lockup, but I do enjoy it when I watch it.
  • The last one I wanted to talk about isn’t show but a channel.  It is called Investigation Discovery, and I will watch anything that is on that channel.  I can’t pick a favorite because as I am sure you can tell I love cop shows and things like that.

Those are a few of the shows that I am currently loving.  I have it on ID most of the time because I know I will enjoy any show that comes on.  What shows do you love that I should check out?

Here are all the prompts for this week’s writers workshop in case you want to join in.

1. Write a blog post in exactly eight lines.
2. Show us a summer sunset!
3. What five images paint a perfect picture of summer to you?  Put those five images together in a piece of writing.
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: sticky
5. What are you watching? Share your favorite summer programming so far.
6. Your favorite summer view so far.

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8 Things I Love About My Freedom

8 Things I Love About My Freedom

This week’s for the writer’s workshop I am going to write about number four which is: 8 Things I Love About My Freedom.  I chose to write about this one because I am so thankful that I live in the United States and even though there is so much chaos going on here right now I am still glad that we can voice our opinions. I don’t agree with the majority of the things happening, but at least we have the ability to say what we think even if it isn’t the most popular opinion. Let’s get on to the 8 things I love most about my freedom.

  1. The first thing I thankful for is as I said earlier we can speak our mind even if other people might not agree with us. I can’t imagine living in a country where if you say something the government doesn’t like you can be put in jail or even killed.
  2. I am thankful that I was able to graduate from high school and even go on to college.
  3. I am grateful that women can vote and that women can fun for public office. I think it is a great thing that women can run for president. (With that being said I don’t like Hillary Clinton at all and I wish that she wasn’t the first women to ever run for president.)
  4. I am thankful that women have equal rights to men. (I know that things could be so much better for women in this country but at least we are able to work and go to school. When in other countries you don’t have the option of working.)
  5. I am thankful that I live in a country where I can treat my Multiple Sclerosis so that I can work and still contribute to society.
  6. I am thankful that I live in a country where I chose my religion, and I am not forced to believe something that I may not agree with.
  7. I am thankful that I live in a country where we can help others when they have natural disasters’. I say this because it is great we can help, but I don’t agree with us always getting in the middle of everyone else’s wars.
  8. I am thankful for all of the soldiers that put their lives on the line so that I can have everything that I have.

Those are all of the things I love about my freedom.  I know there are other things that I am thankful for but those are the first eight things that came to mind when I was writing this post. I know that we have so many problems we need to work through and things we need to figure out in this country but we do have it so much better than so many other nations. I wish that instead of killing each other we would all work together to change the things that are wrong in our country. I am not going to say anything more about that because I have no idea how to fix the problems we have and I am sad about all the killing that has been going on these past few years.

What is one reason you are thankful for your freedom?

Here are all the prompts for this week in case you are interested in joining in.
1. Write a blog post inspired by the word: sparks
2. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen?
3. Share something you learned in June.
4. We just celebrated America’s Independence. List 8 things you appreciate most about your freedom.
5. It’s hot, the kids are home and crazy, our pets are panting, the days are long…share your Summer Survival Tips.
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Top 10 Vacations I Want To Take-Writers Workshop

Top 10 Vacations I Want To Take

This week I wanted to write about ten vacations I want to take for the writer’s workshop.  Now when I say that there are places on this list that I don’t know if I will ever make it too because the thought of flying makes me super nervous.  Let’s get on to the list of places I would love to visit.

  1. New York City, New York-The first place I would like to explore is New York City.  I am sure after a few hours I would be overwhelmed by all the people, but I do think it is something that everyone to experience at least once in their life.
  2. Ireland-Six or so years ago I got into Celtic Thunder and because of that, I have wanted to go and explore Ireland.
  3. Yellowstone– I have been to Yellowstone so many times, and it is still one my favorite places to go on vacation.  I can’t get enough of it, and I hope that in the next few years I will be able to go back.  Even though I have been there so much, it changes so each time you go so even though I went a few years back I know will be totally different.
  4. Australia- I do have family that lives in Australia, and it is a place that I hope one day I can go and explore the entire country.
  5. England- I want to explore all of the historical sites and things like that.  There is so much history in Europe, and I hope that I can explore it all one day.
  6. Orlando, Florida-Last week I wrote that I want to go to Orlando so that I can go to all of the amusement parks that they have there.
  7. California- I want to go here because I want to visit all the amusement parks that they have.  I also would love to go to the San Diego zoo again because when we went there when I was younger it was raining so we didn’t get to see much because of the rain.
  8. Hawaii- I have always wanted to go to some place like Hawaii because I would love to live in a tropical environment because it seems nicer than Utah’s weather and I would love to live in a place where it doesn’t snow.
  9. Scotland- The reason I want to go here is the same reason I had for going to Ireland & England.  Europe is full of history and has tons of places I want to explore.
  10. Michigan- Back in 2003 my Grandma and I took a two-week vacation in Michigan and ever since then I have always wanted to go back and see what else I can find and see.  I can’t say enough good things about Michigan.  Everything about that state was amazing, and I hope I can go back one day soon.

Those are the ten places I would love to visit.  I have written a post like this before, and as I was looking back at that post, I realized that the places I wanted to haven’t changed in years.  If you want to check out that post, you can click here to read that post.  Where is one place you could love to visit?

Here are all the prompts for this weeks writer’s workshop in case you want to join.
1. Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from a previous June and write a poem or a blog post.
2. Create a summer playlist and share it.
3. Share a lesson you learned from your Father that still sticks with you to this day.
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: won
5. Share a side by side of your child’s first and last days of school. What has changed?
6. List 10 vacations you wouldn’t hate taking.
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You Need A Timeout!!!!


This week for the writers workshop I am going to write about number six which is: List 8 people, places, or things you’d like to give a timeout too.  I chose this one because it made me smile and I wish that I could put people in my life in time out.  There are quite a few things that I want to put in time out, so let’s just get on the list.

  1. The very first thing on this list has to be the people who have been working on getting our emails working at work.  We are at a week down, and there still is no end in sight.  I get that is can be hard at times but over a week just seems like someone isn’t doing their job.  I also can’t even imagine how much work and money we are losing because we aren’t receiving any emails. (They are up and working now.  I wrote this a few days ago and they weren’t working yet.)
  2. The next thing that needs a time out is the crazy spring weather in Utah.  It will go from freezing to 80 degrees and then back to freezing over two or three days.
  3. Stupid drivers are the next people that need a timeout.  I have had to commute for years now, and I have seen some crazy things like one lady curling her hair.  I want them all to be in timeout so that we make it to work safely without any stress.
  4. The next things that need a time out are the stupid birds that insist on eating the cat food that I put out for my stray cats at work.  It makes me so mad to see the birds eating all of the food that I bring for the cats so most of the day I leave the food inside until I see a cat waiting for it.
  5. The next people that need a time out is most of the men in my family because they just get on my nerves, and I would love to make them sit in the corner.
  6. Next, up I wish I could put my health insurance in time out because it sucks and doesn’t cover anything, so I am going to be upside down in medical debt again.
  7. I also would love to put some of the women that I work with in time out.  I have worked with the same group of men for almost years, and we were all hired by another company in January.  The new business has a ton of women working for them, and we all know that women tend to have drama, so I want to put them all in time out because I have no patience for drama or high school games.
  8. The very last thing that I would love to put in time out is Google.  I have a love-hate relationship with Google, so I want to put them in time out because I can.

Those are the eight things and people who need a time out.  I am sure I will think of more once this post is live so maybe I will make this post into a series of posts in the future.

What or who do you think needs a time out?

Here are all the other prompts for this week in case you want to pick one and join in:

1. Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from a previous May and write a poem or a blog post.
2. You are given a part to act in a show you watch. Which show would you choose?
3. Share a lesson you learned from your Mother that still sticks with you to this day.
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: red.
5. Talk about your favorite social media platform and why you love it so much.
6. List eight people, places, or things you’d like to give a timeout to.

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Top 6 Places I Would Move Too-Writers Workshop

Top 6 Places I Would Move Too

This week I am going to write about number three which is: top 6 places I would move too if I could.  I chose this one because I have always hoped that I could move out of Utah and go somewhere else in the country.  Some of these are super precise and others I would be happy to live anywhere in the state.

1- San Diego-I have this one on here because it has pretty constant weather, and since I have Multiple Sclerosis it would be nice to be able to plan for what the weather will do from day to day.  In Utah, it is always just a guess and most days everyone is wrong.

2- Hawaii-Who wouldn’t want to live in paradise because it sounds just about perfect for me.

3- Michigan-My Grandma is from Michigan, and she and I went to visit her family, and I fell in love with the state, and it would love to move there and stay forever.

4- Florida-This one is just because of the warm weather but I know that most of the time I would hate living there because of how hot it does get, but I think in the long run I would like it more than here.

5- Chicago-I included this one because when I was in high school, I wanted to move to a huge city and work in the E.R. because I wanted to be a life flight nurse.

6- Colorado-I chose this one because it is super similar to where I grew up so I think I would like it there in the long run but I know I would hate the snow just as much as I do here.

Those are my top 6 places where would you move if you could?  I am sure once I post this I will think of other locations that I would love to move too.

All of the prompts for this week:

1. A moment you realized you were a grown up.
2. Write about something that brought you joy today.
3. You have to move away from your state in one month. List 6 destinations you wouldn’t mind relocating to.
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: Blossom.
5. Instagram fun! Share a photo you took with Instagram this week and tell us what you love about it.

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Top 10 Most Listened To Songs-April 2016

Top 10 Most Listened To Songs

This week I chose to write about number six which is: Top 10 most listened to songs.  I chose this one because like most of the know I almost always have music playing the background because I love to have background noise when I am doing anything.   As I was going through my archives, I saw that I did a post like this at this time last year so if you want to check out what I was listening to the previous year, you can click here to read it.  Now let’s get on to the songs I love right now.

1-This first song that I have listened to on repeat lately is “Team” by Iggy Azalea.  I am not sure what it is about this song, but right when I heard it I had to buy it, and I listen to all the time as I am driving to and from work.

2-The next song that I have loved lately is “Move Bitch” by Ludacris.  I always listen to this song when I am pissed off by the stupid drivers as I am driving to and from work.

3- Another song I have loved lately is “Good Morning” by Chamillionaire.  This song has always made me smile, and it is how I feel about people who dislike me.  It can always put me in a good mood.

4-“Viva la Vida” by Coldplay I have always liked this song but I forgot about it until the Super Bowl this past year.

5-“Roads” by Chris Mann-I got a copy of this CD back in 2012 to review, and this has always been my one favorite song of his.  I am not huge into Christian music, but I do love this song, and I am sure it will always be one that I will listen to.

6-“The Sound Of Silence” by Celtic Thunder-If you have been around for the past few years you know that I am a huge fan of Celtic Thunder, and this song is one that I have loved lately from them.

7-Live You Life (feat. Rihanna) by T.I.– There isn’t much I can say about this song because like most of the others on this list it is an older song that I have listened to for years.

8-Fly Away by Nelly– I love most of the songs that Nelly has released but if I had to pick one that is my favorite of his it would be this one.  I love everything about this song, and I am sure that won’t change anytime soon.

9-Straight Tequila Night by John Anderson– I remember this song from my childhood and so I knew I had to include it on this list.  I totally forgot about this song until last year when I started listening to 90’s country on Pandora, and I was reminded of all the songs I loved when I was a kid.

10-Wild Ones (feat. Sia) by Flo Rida– I always find myself singing this song as I am driving home from work.  Then again I am always singing songs by Flo Rida because they are so catching and they tend to get stuck in my head.

Those are the ten songs that I am currently loving.  I also wanted to include one other song because after I was done writing this post the song started playing and I knew I wanted to post it.  The song I am talking about is “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber.  I  wasn’t a huge fan of this song when I first heard it but last month I fell in love with it, and I have been known to put it on repeat for the entire drive home from work.

I am always on the lookout for new music so what songs are you currently loving and what would you recommend to me?

If you want to join in and write about one of the prompts I have listed them all below so, you can pick one.  If you have written about one, please let me know in the comments so I can go and check it out.

1. Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from a previous April and write a poem or a blog post.
2. If you were reborn as a dog, what breed would you be and why?
3. What’s for dinner?
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: baby.
5. Tell us about a local news story that’s all the buzz right now in your neck of the woods.
6. List your top 10 most listened to songs currently.

St. Patricks Day 2016

St Patrick's Day 2016

This week for the writer’s workshop I am going to talk about what I will be doing today for St Patrick’s Day.  Not that I ever do anything special for it because since I don’t drink there really isn’t much to do.

One thing that I know, I will listen to one of my favorite musical groups Celtic Thunder. I found them a few years ago, and I have been hooked on watching and listening to their music for years. I also have gotten my grandparents and nephew into them.  On a side note, my nephew turned two this past November and one of the first things he said was Ireland, which always makes me laugh. Now whenever he hears their music or sees one of the DVD’s that I have he always says Ireland.

Since St Patrick’s day is during the week this year I am sure I won’t be doing anything other than working because most days it is all I  can do to get through work and I have no energy left to do anything after work.  If you are looking for something funny to watch you should watch this music video because it still makes me laugh.

I hope that you all have a great and safe St Patrick’s day this year!

Do you have any fun plans for St Patrick’s Day this year?


Here are all the prompts in case you want to join in.

  1. ThrowbackThursday: Choose a photo from a previous March and write a poem or a blog post.
    2. A time you were tricked.
    3. I wish I could…
    4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: Fishy.
    5. What is on your Spring Break “to do” list?
    6. Share how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
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Sleep . . . Or No Sleep

WW-Sleep Or No Sleep

This was one of the prompts from last week’s writer’s workshop, and I wanted to write about it for the previous week, but I didn’t have the time, so I figured I would write about it today.  The prompt was to write a post about sleep, and I have tons I would love to say on sleep because for a long time readers you will know that I don’t sleep much.

I will take just about anything so that I can sleep but even doing that some nights I only end up sleeping for two hours and then I am up rest of the night. On nights like that I usually just end up taking a nap at night and then tossing and turning rest of the night. If I don’t take anything for sleep, I can promise you that I just won’t sleep, and that can go for days and days.

There was one sleeping pill that I used to get that did work but my insurance refuses to pay for it, and I don’t have over two hundred dollars laying around to pay for it each month.  I do take a muscle relaxer at night that knocks me out of a few hours, and that is pretty much all the sleep I get.

This has been going on for so long that I have run out of things to do or try. At this point and instead of getting better it is only getting worse. I have had sleep problems for as long as I can remember and the older I am not dealing with it as well as I used to.  It gets even worse because no doctor can tell me what is wrong and why I have this problem. I have to wonder if it is because of the Multiple Sclerosis but then again I have never heard of anyone else having this problem.

I often have people ask me how I deal with not getting much sleep at night, and I tell them I don’t have a choice but to deal with it because nothing seems to change it.  All I can do is chalk it up to my weird body and hope that it will get better at some point. I don’t know how long I can deal with everything that comes along with not sleeping and what not.

Do you have problems sleeping and if so what do you do to help you sleep?

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