Monthly Book Reviews – June 2017

I can’t believe that we are the half way point for this year.  It seems like just yesterday it was New Years and now we are on the downhill side of the year.  Anyway, let’s get on to the reviews that I have scheduled for this month.

June 1stLola by Melissa Scrivner Love

June 2nd-Driver Confessional by David L. Winters

June 3rd– The Great Chattanooga Bicycle Race by Mike H. Mizrahi

June 7th– Deadly Spirits by E. Michael Helms

June 8th– Jellybeaners by Gene Scott

June 13th– Bedlam by Autumn Sand

June 14th– Mayhem by Autumn Sand

June 16th– More Than A Soldier by D.M. Annechino

June 21st– Operation Scorpion by John Beyer

June 27th– Never Forget by Richard Davis

June 28th– Practicing Normal by Cara Sue Achterberg

Those are all of the books that I have scheduled for June so far.  That being said I am almost always willing to read a book on short notice if the book is one that I am one hundred percent sure that I will love.

What book are you currently reading and/or what book do you think I should check out?

What author are you loving and you think I would love to read?

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Monthly Book Reviews – April 2017

I don’t have a ton of reviews this month because work for me has been insane so I haven’t agreed to many reviews.  I am also glad that I don’t have many reviews because reading for me lately has been hard because I have been super sick this past month.  Let’s get right on to the reviews that I have coming up during the month of April.

April 5thJune by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

April 11thSeason of Hope by Sara Jane Jacobs (Book Promo)

April 12thOur Own Country by Jodi Daynard

April 16thA Fragile Hope by Cynthia Ruchti

April 19thMiddle South by Maya Nessouli Abboushi (Book Promo)

April 20thThe German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa

Those are the reviews that I have coming this month but if I don’t start feeling better some of them may be moved to next month.  I hope you all have a great month and I will see you back here in a couple days with a review.

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March 2017 – Monthly Book Review List

I can’t believe we are already in March and this is the first month that I have had time to get one of these posts up.  The end of last year and the start of this year were totally crazy for me, and I had no time to do anything other than getting book reviews typed up and posted.

March 3rdKill and Run by Lauren Carr

March 4thThe Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller

March 7thThe Ashes by Vincent Zandri

March 10thHome At Last by Deborah Raney

March 14thWooing The Wedding Planner by Amber Leigh Williams

March 15thHer Secret by Shelley Shepard Gray

March 21stThe Cutaway by Christina Kovac

March 23rdA Fine Year for Murder by Lauren Carr

March 28th– A Fine Piece of Chocolate by Jacqueline R. Banks

March 29th– An Amish Home by Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, Ruth Reid

I don’t have as many book reviews this year because I have had to tell authors that I can’t review their books because I have no time to read the books let alone type up more reviews.  I also am looking for a couple of people to join my review team so if you or someone you know might be interested send them my way.  I also will be having a Multiple Sclerosis update up in the next couple of weeks because I saw my doctor in January and I also had an MRI on the 25th of February.  I also have had weird things going on that I want to share so that I can come back and look the post if I ever need to remember how I am feeling.

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Monthly Book Reviews – December 2016


I am so glad that this year is almost over because it has been a wild year, to say the least. I am amazed how much things have changed for me in the past 12 months. I will have a post written about everything towards the end of this year or the start of next year. Let’s get onto the list of reviews that I have coming up in December.

December 2ndPursuing Gold by Cynthia L. Simmons

December 6thFraying At The Edge by Cindy Woodsmall

December 7thA Wedding For Christmas by Lori Wilde

December 7thOf Stillness and Storm by Michele Phoenix

December 13thDisruption by Chuck Barrett

December 14thNo Good Deed Undone by Ginny Fite

December 20thThe Twilight Wife by A.J. Banner

December 21stThe Kill Sign by Nichole Christoff

December 26th– Relentless (Audiobook) by Nancy J Alexander

It is a slower month for me this time, and I am okay with that. I have had a hard time getting all the reviews typed and scheduled to post because my work life is insanely busy. I am going to leave this post as it is and I will see you back you here tomorrow.

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Monthly Book Reviews – November 2016


How are we all ready to November??? I mean this means that my birthday is in less than a month and that Brycen will be turning three the day after my birthday. I will never understand how time goes so fast when you are an adult, but as a kid, it seems to take so long. Let’s get right into the reviews that I have coming up during November.

November 2ndGod Of The Internet by Lynn Lipinski

November 4thTrust My Heart by Carol J. Post

November 9thThe Ghostwriters by Mickey J. Corrigan

November 10thLoreena’s Gift by Colleen M. Story

November 15thJust A Kiss by Denise Hunter

November 16thAttracted To Fire by DiAnn Mills

November 23rdThe Key To Cabo by Dave Harrold

November 28th The Remnant by Monte Wolverton

November 29th– Killer In The Band by Lauren Carr

November 30th– Love Connection by Camilla Isley

Those are all of the reviews that I have coming up in November as of right now. Now and then one will pop up during the month. If I have anything like that I will update this post when I find out about them.

What book would you like to see me review in the future?

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October 2016 – Monthly Book Reviews


I can’t believe that we are already in the month of October. Where in the heck has this year gone? I can remember how stressed I was when this year started because I was starting a new job and I had no idea if they would keep me or if they would lay me off because at the time they didn’t really have anything for me to do. I am so glad that they kept me because now I am starting to be trained to do dispatch with the service techs which I am sure will be fun but right now it is just stressful. Enough about my job let’s get right into the reviews that will go live during the month of October.

October 4thMy (Underground) American Dream by Julissa Arce

October 5thThe Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

October 6thThe Murder at Astaire Castle by Lauren Carr (This is an audiobook review)

October 11thDriving On The Left by Gail Olmsted

October 12thHome On The Range by Ruth Logan Herne

October 13thJust Fine With Caroline by Annie England Noblin

October 19thSave The Last Dance by Eric Johnson & Eva Ungar Grudin

October 20thA Sister’s Wish by Shelley Shepard Gray

October 20thAn Amish Family Christmas by Shelley Shepard Gray

October 25th23 Minutes Past 1 A.M. by Robert J. Dornan

October 26thKiller In The Band by Lauren Carr (this is just going to be a promotional post about her new book. The review of this book will be live on November 29th. )

October 30thChristian’s Hope by Ervin R. Stutzman

October 31st- A Wedding For Christmas by Lori Wilde (This is a promo post about this book.  The review will be posted on December 7th.)

Those are all of the reviews and promotional posts that I have scheduled so far for October. I am going to try and get an update up about my job and everything that is going on with that.

What book would you like to see me review in the coming months?

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Monthly Book Reviews – September 2016

Sept 2016

How is it already September 1st?  I can’t believe how quickly this year is going.  Here are the reviews that I have coming up this month.

September 3rd-Starving Hearts by Janine Mendenhall

September 6th-Alabama Irish by James Russell Lingerfelt

September 7th-House of Eire by June Gillam

September 12th-Scapegoat by Emilio Corsetti III

September 12th-Mummy’s Little Angel by JW Lawson

September 14th-An Amish Harvest by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Amy Clipston

September 18th-Secret Crush by Victoria Pinder

September 20th-There’s Been A Change Of Plans by Amy Koko

September 21th-Borderline Insanity by Jeff Miller

September 27th-Everlasting Lies by Barbara Warren

September 29th-The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

September 30th-The Things We Said Today by Lise McClendon

Those are the reviews that I have coming up this month.  I do have quite a few reviews coming up this month.  I have already read quite a few of them, and so far I have enjoyed most of them.  There is one that I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but you will have to wait and see which one that is.

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Monthly Book Reviews: August 2016

August 2016

This year is going by way to fast, but that means we are almost to football season which makes me so happy.  Let’s get right on to all of the book reviews that I have coming up this month.

August 2nd-When Death Draws Near by Carrie Stuart Parks

August 3rd-The Bull Rider’s Bride by Vickie McDonough

August 5th-Fetching Sweetness by Dana Mentink

August 9th-The Mask by Taylor Stevens

August 10th-Kiss The Bride by Melissa McClone, Robin Lee Hatcher, & Kathryn Springer

August 16th-It Take’s One by Kate Kessler

August 23th-Oh Ship! Tales Of A Cruising Chick & Other Travel Adventures by Lori A. Moore

August 24th-Until Then by Krista Noorman

August 25th-The Loyal Heart by Shelley Shepard Gray

August 27th-The Things We Knew by Catherine West

August 30th-Murder On Moonshine Hill by Joan C. Curtis

August 31st- Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

Those are all of the reviews that I have coming up this month.  Things are starting to slow down for me as far as reviews go, and I am starting to think about not reviewing books anymore.  I love reading but the reviews are tons of work, and since I don’t get paid for them I don’t know that it is worth it anymore.  I am still thinking about it, but I do have reviews scheduled through the rest of year so it will be at least until next year before I stop.  Let me know what you think I should do in the comments below and I will see you back here tomorrow!

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Monthly Book Reviews: July 2016

July 2016 Book Reviews

Here is a list of the books that I will be reviewing during the month of July.  When I sat down to type this list, I thought that I didn’t have many reviews this month.  Now that I see the list all finished I realize that I have more than I expected it did.

July 1st-Lowcountry Stranger by Ashley Farley

July 3rd-Murder Mezzo Forte by Donn Taylor

July 5th-Precious In His Sight by Karen Pashley

July 6th-The Second Half by Lauraine Snelling

July 6th- The Ringmasters Wife by Kristy Cambron

July 7th-Like A River From Its Course by Kelli Stuart

July 12th-Love Of The Game by Lori Wilde

July 13th-From Scratch by C.E. Hilbert

July 19th-Not So Far Away by Deborah  Pierson Dill

July 20th-Northern Light by Annette O’Hare

July 21st-A Beginner’s Guide To Corruption by David Misch

July 26th-Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

July 27th-The Painting and The Piano by John Lipscomb and Adrianne Lugo

Those are all of the reviews I have coming up this month.  I will see you back here tomorrow with another book review.

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June Book Reviews 2016

June Reviews

How are we already almost in June?!?!  It seems like we just started this year and now we are close to half way done.  Anyway, let’s get on to the book reviews I have coming up this month.

June 2nd- Anchor In The Storm by Sarah Sundin

June 4th- A Daughter’s Dream by Shelley Shepard Gray

June 7th- Summer At Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

June 8th- In The Field Of Grace by Tessa Afshar

June 9th- The Question by R. Breuer Stearns

June 14th- Dawn At Emberwilde by Sarah E. Ladd

June 15th- Bradstreet Gate by Robin Kirman

June 18th- My Fathers House by Rose Chandler Johnson

June 20th- Medical Judgement by Richard L. Mabry

June 20th-Jilted by Varina Denman

June 22nd- Holding Smoke by Elle Cosimano

June 28th-The Silver and Gold Deception by Brenda G. Bradley

June 29th- The Average Girl by Angelina Goode

June 30th- Wild Within by Christine Hartmann

June 30th-Banished Threads by Kaylin McFarren

Those are all of them, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow!  If there is any book you would like me to review let me know and I will get a copy of it and review it for you here.

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