10 Things I Love About Football (American Football)

10 Things I Love About Football (American Football)

This was a prompt from the writer’s workshop a few weeks ago and because I am a huge football fan I knew I wanted to write about it. Here are ten things that I love about football.

10- Men in tight pants . . . Need I say more?!?!

9- Another thing that I love about football is the fact that I can just have it on in the background and not have to worry about missing something if I am blogging or what not during a game.

8- I love that most of the games are on the weekends so that I don’t have to miss most of them because of work and not wanting to stay up all night.

7- I love watching when my team comes back at the end of the game to win after they have been down the entire game.

6- On Friday one of my teams ended up winning the game in double overtime so you are on the end of your seat watching and hoping that you will pull out a win.

5- I love that you can meet total strangers and feel like you have so much in common with them because you both like the same team or your teams are playing each other so you can trash talk and just have fun.

4-It makes me happy to watch. There isn’t much more I can say other than watching football makes me happy.

3- I love being able to follow players as they get traded and see how better they get when they go to a different team with a new dynamic.

2- I love watching players that I started following in college football moving to the NFL and seeing how the have grown up and seen how good they have become when they do get to the NFL.

1- The number one thing that I love about footballs is the look on people’s face’s when I talk to them for the first time about football. They are always so shocked that I know what I am talking about and that always makes me smile.

Those are ten things that I love about football. I am sure there are many more things that I will think of once I hit publish so maybe one day I will come back and do an updated one. The one thing that I don’t like about football is how five minutes can take a half hour to get through.

What is one thing you love about football?

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What To Do?

What To DoIt is fall in Utah which means it will soon be snowing.  I saw a prompt that asked what I did on a dark and stormy day and I figured it would be a good topic to write about because that type of weather will soon be taking over in Utah.  There aren’t a ton of things that I do when it is storming out but a few things that I really do enjoy doing.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this prompt was I love to watch football when it is stormy and nasty out.  I don’t think there are many things better than curling up and watching a good football game when it is cold and nasty out.  On with that theme I also love to just put on a good movie or even watch reruns of my favorite shows curled up in bed.  I love not having to go out and being able to watch it storm and be warm and comfortable in my house watching TV.

The only other thing that I really love doing when it is storming is to get whatever book I am reading and find a warm spot to sit and finish the book.  I love being able to read books when it is gross outside because I can read about warm places and forget for a while that it is snowing and freezing outside for a little while.  I also have started to love listening to audiobooks because there are days where my head hurts so bad that I can’t read but being able to listen to an audiobook is great for passing the time as well.

Those are a few things that I love to do when it is stormy and gross out.  What do you like to do when it is storming outside?

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Hi, My Name Is . . .

My Name Is . . .

This was a prompt from last weeks writers workshop and I had to write about it because it was such a fun topic and there are tons of things that could complete the sentence.  I think I am going to just list things that I am and then explain why on some of them.

  • Birth Mom-I placed my daughter for adoption when I was 20.
  • Blogger
  • Daughter
  • Mom to two crazy cats
  • Book lover
  • Introvert
  • Person who truly loves to be alone
  • Huge football fan-I will watch pretty much any game but I love the University of Utah & the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Suffer of an invisible illness-Multiple Sclerosis
  • College dropout
  • Blog Designer

Those are just the few things that came first to me.  I know I could go on and on with a list but no one has time to read that.

How would you answer the sentence?

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10 Things I Love About Football


This weeks for the writers workshop I am going to write about number 3 which is: 10 things you love about football.  I am sure most of you know that I love football so this one was for me.  Lets get on to the the 10 things I love about football.

  1. I love that guys are always shocked when the find out that I love football.
  2. I love that it gives me something to watch on the weekends.  Since I watch both college & NFL I almost always have a game on during the weekend.
  3. I like the fact that the guys were tight pants and run around the field.  (That is such a chick reason to like football lol)
  4. I loving being able to watch players I have watched since they were in college make in the NFL.
  5. I love the rivalries that happen between people because of the teams they like to watch.
  6. I love how there are some games that come down to last few minutes of the game.  I love being on the edge of my seat and wondering who is going to win the game.
  7. Football makes me like fall because it is the only good thing about fall.
  8. I love it because it is the only sport that makes sense to me.  I am not sure why this is but it makes the most sense in my head.
  9. It reminds me of my childhood because I grew up watching football with my grandparents.
  10. It gives me something to talk about with the guys I work with.

Those are just a few reasons why I like football and they are in no particular order.

Do you like football?  Why or why not?

Here are the prompts for this week if you want to be apart of it:

1.) Tell us about a favorite Halloween costume.
2.) Share a Fall recipe that you’re loving this season.
3.) 10 Things you love about football.
4.) 10 Things you don’t love about football.
5.) Talk about something your child learned this week.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Nails Of The Month ~ University Of Utah Football Nails


I really love my nails this month because they are something I have never done before and they are also fun now that it is football season for me.  This time  I decided to do University of Utah inspired nails because that is my favorite college team and strange enough I have never done anything like them before.  Here are pictures of what they look like:


I have to say my favorite thing about these nails are the footballs.  I have never seen anything like them before.  I am pretty sure I am going to do something for the Ravens this winter so when I do I will make sure I blog about them.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for next time?

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6 Reasons I Am Looking Forward To Fall

6 Reasons. . .

This week for the Writers Workshop I am going to write about about 6 reasons I am looking forward to fall this year.

  1. First I am so ready for the hot weather to be gone and for it cool down.  It has been so super hot all summer and I am so over the heat and how it makes me feel.
  2. Fall time means that it is time for football again and everyone who read’s me regularly knows how much I love everything football.
  3. I love the foods that my grandma tends to make in fall like Chili and those types of foods.
  4. The 3rd book in the Divergent series comes out on October 22 I believe it is.
  5. My shows start with new episodes which is always a good thing because I am so tired of watching reruns of all my shows.
  6. The leaves changing colors.  I don’t usually go and look at them but I love to look up at the mountains and see them changing colors.  There is just something pretty about fall in Utah.

Those are 6 reasons that I am looking forward to fall this year. Why are you looking forward to fall?

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Mama’s Losin’ It

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My Fall’s Top Ten

I am always so happy when fall time comes around because it means that a few of my favorite things ever are going on.  I am going to my Fall’s top ten list.

10-Halloween candy & Foods

9-Apple Pie

8-Kids aren’t out running around til all hours of the night

7-My cats don’t throw up hair balls as often

6-Home made Chili

5-Kids being in school

4-Leaves changing colors

3-Cooler Weather



Out of that list the first 2 things are my totally the ones that I look forward to the most.  Last Saturday I was able to wear a hoodie all day and I so happy because they are my favorite thing in the whole world to wear.  I also can’t get enough of football.  I watch 2 college teams and 2 pro teams but I will pretty much watch any team play.  I also love the cooler weather we have here because I feel so much better when it isn’t super hot and the MS doesn’t act up as much when it is colder here.

What are your favorite things about Fall?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Day 2

Day 2’s Prompt is: what is my favorite movie.  This one is hard for me because I love so many movies.  I think I am going to list a few of them and why I love them!

The first movie that I like is The Blind Side.

I love this movie because well I love football and I love to see stories like this.  I don’t think there is a football movie out there that I don’t totally love.

The second movie I really like would have to be Liar Liar.

This movie will always make me laugh!  I have it memorized and yet I still laugh through most of it!  Jim Carrey does such a great job in this movie.

The third movie that I really like is Apollo 13.

I have loved this movie since I have seen it.  I have it memorized as well and I watch it at least once a week.  Funny side night is there is a guy that I work with that looks a lot think one of mission control guys.

I am going to stop my list right there because I could go on an on about the movies that I love!!!!


It seems like I has been forever since I have posted anything about me so we will see what I can do about updating everyone to what is going on with me.  I am sick and frustrated with the world.  Not only am I sick I am also PMSing which is never a good combo for me or for other people that I am around.  They will learn one day that I am not very nice when I am sick let alone when I am getting ready to start.  I was so out of it I didn’t even really watch football hence the reason I didn’t post about football yesterday or Saturday.  I watched parts of it on Saturday but I couldn’t get into it so I didn’t bother watching it all.  Then yesterday when I wanted to watch football the Colts had a bye week so they weren’t playing.  Oh well there is always next week to watch football and my Colts play next week so I will have more football to watch.
The girls are being there usual balls of energy.  Sylvia was literally up all day yesterday so she only got up to eat this morning and then went right back to bed.  She does that all the time where she will stay up for a whole day and then sleep for next three days only getting up to eat and go to the bathroom.  I will never figure her out that is for sure.  Then again they are cats no one will ever figure them out.  I decided this weekend that dogs are cats that have down syndrome.  Ok it was funny at the time but not so much now as I type it.  I hate dogs!!!!!!!  Anyways now that I got that out of the way lets see what else have the girls been up too…other than Ellinore throwing up for the whole weekend.  Other than that it was just a great weekend with the girls!  Lol
Since I have been sick I really haven’t done much so there isn’t much to really say about the last week.  All I know is I have been swamped at work so I haven’t had much time to write and there hasn’t been a lot to say.
So I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Monday.

Football Weekend & My Trip To The Lovely Town Of Fillmore

Well Saturday was filled with a lot of driving and two football games.  I took Misti to Fillmore to pick of Ron’s dog Coco.  Ron’s baby’s mom had taken her and was going to take care of her but it didn’t work out so we had to drive and meet her half way.  It was a totally long drive and needless to say it really hurt my back and I wasn’t excited to make the trip.  Thank god that the dog was really good for the most part but that is a hell of a long drive just to turn around and come right back home.  I am not complaining because it had to be done but it still was super long and lets just say my car isn’t the most comfortable car when it comes to long drives.  This was the first long drive since my accident and the car still rides great!  Now if I could only make the seats more comfortable.  I guess any car has it good and bad points to it.  Over all it could have been even long and a worse trip that what it was.  One time I really wanna to drive to Las Vegas and take a weekend off there.  I know this probably won’t ever happen but I am going to keep dreaming about it to happen!
Now for my football games.  Lets just say they both one but the Utes didn’t do that well at all.  They need to find a quarterback that doesn’t get as shaken as theirs does when he misses a throw.  I am sure with time he will become a great quarterback but it is hard watching them struggle like they do.  BYU end up winning their game I think the score was like 59 to 21.   Today my Colts play so I will post an update tomorrow on that game!  I have decided that I love football and I hate when they are playing football!  It makes me happy to watch it and to see my times win.  This is the reason that I watch the Colts play!!!! He is a great player and used to play for the Y.