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Robert Frost

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This week for the Writers Workshop I am going to write about #4.) Pinterest Challenge, find something you’ve pinned, TRY it and share it. Was it worth pinning?

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So this is a pin I saw on Monday while I was at work and it sums up my life pretty well!  I can’t really try this but it is so how my life is and how I could I not repin something that is 100% accurate with my life???

Does your life work like this?

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You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me

Some of you will know that I love music.  I always have it on at work in the background and I usually have it on at night when I am designing or surfing the web.  I always seem to have songs for everything that I have gone through or are going through.  When I was pregnant the song “Welcome To My Life” by Simple Plan was how I was feeling.  Every time I hear that song now it brings back all of the memories and feelings I had when I found out I was pregnant.

Right now the song that describes how I am feeling is by Cher from the movie “Burlesque”.  It is called “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me”.

I love this song right now because I feel defeated.  There is a lot going on right now that I won’t get into but this song says how I feel right now.  Like the song says you haven’t seen the last of me.  I will get through everything that is going on and I will come out on top!

Do you have songs that explain certain parts of your life?

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Quote Of The Week

Life Lessons

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Where Am I . . .

Are you where you thought you would be in life?


I am not where I thought I would be in life.  The plans I had made when I was younger all went out the window when I got pregnant and placed my daughter for adoption or when I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 15.  I always thought that by the time I was in my late 20’s I would have my RN and either be a traveling nurse or work in the ER.  I never would have guessed that I would be living at home again, going through a divorce, and working as a receptionist.  I also never would have guessed that I would have had a child and placed her for adoption.

It is crazy to me how my life has turned out and what I have been through.  I don’t think there is anyway that anyone could ever guess where their lives was going to go.  I am hoping that I will be able to live my dream one day and work in the ER or even Life Flight.

I don’t regret anything that has happened in my life because if I didn’t go through everything I have gone through I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  I wouldn’t change anything about how my life is because I have grown and I am truly happy with who I am today.

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