You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me

Some of you will know that I love music.  I always have it on at work in the background and I usually have it on at night when I am designing or surfing the web.  I always seem to have songs for everything that I have gone through or are going through.  When I was pregnant the song “Welcome To My Life” by Simple Plan was how I was feeling.  Every time I hear that song now it brings back all of the memories and feelings I had when I found out I was pregnant.

Right now the song that describes how I am feeling is by Cher from the movie “Burlesque”.  It is called “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me”.

I love this song right now because I feel defeated.  There is a lot going on right now that I won’t get into but this song says how I feel right now.  Like the song says you haven’t seen the last of me.  I will get through everything that is going on and I will come out on top!

Do you have songs that explain certain parts of your life?

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Thanksgiving & My Birthday

Thursday was Thanksgiving here in the US and that is always a super busy day for me as it is for tons of people.   I helped my grandma and I also worked on designs most of the day.  I want to redo both of my sites but I have no idea what I want to do with my sites.  I also come up with great ideas for clients but I can never figure out what I am going to do with my own sites.  Oh well I always figure it out in the end.  We had my grandma’s family over and there was quite a few of them that showed up.  I never did count but we had planned on 17 or so.  Once that was over I just went to bed because I was exhausted and I didn’t even do much because the MS is kicking my butt lately.

My birthday was on Saturday and I didn’t do anything other than go to dinner with my grandparents and my brother.  My birthday was uneventful this year and I am okay with that!  I am not looking forward to Christmas for several reasons but the main one is because I am already so tired I don’t know where I am going to find the energy to do everything that goes on this time of year.  I think I will just hide!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you are in the US I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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NES Check In

It has been a few weeks since I have written a post about my fight trying to get over NES.  I haven’t been doing well at all with it.  I haven’t really been trying to hard because I am trying to get through the withdrawals symptoms that I am having since I have stopped Lexapro and started taking Zoloft.   I didn’t really keep track of the days that I didn’t eat but I did really bad last night.  I have been struggling with a few things lately and I think that is why I have been struggling with eating at night.  I am really struggling with being single right now.  I have really started to miss a few guys from my past but I know that they are there for a reason. 

All I all it has been a rough few weeks but I am going to start working hard on it again and I hope that I will do better this week.