Pet Peeves. . .

Pet PeevesToday I am going to talk about a few of my pet peeves because let’s be honest we all have things that bug us.  It also seems lately that people have done everything that bugs me.  I used to do a series call Things That Drive Me Insane if you haven’t checked them out you an click right here.  Anyway let’s get on to this post.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am out to dinner and I can hear people chewing.  It drives me up the wall and I want to say something to them about it.  I really isn’t that hard to talk with your mouth closed.  Everyone needs to try it because listening to people chew and/or seeing them chew it totally gross not to mention rude.

Another pet peeve of mine is when people call in looking for someone and because that person isn’t here or doesn’t answer their phone they think that gives them the right to be rude and yell at me.  I hate to tell people but I can’t control what the salesman do where I work.  I wish I could some days but I can’t so please don’t yell at me because of them.  I do understand how frustrated you are with them because chances are I am just as frustrated if not more so than you are.  If you are yelling at me chances are you aren’t the first person to do that today so I get it, I really do so you can just stop.

One last pet peeve of mine is when you tell someone you don’t want to talk about something and instead of saying okay and leaving it alone they just keep asking the same question in a different way trying to get the information out of you.  I have started to just walk away when people do this because if you can’t listen to what I am saying I don’t have time for you in my life.

So those are 3 of my pet peeves.  What is one of your pet peeves?

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One Thing Elinore Does That Drives Me Insane!

Drives Me Insane

This week for the writers workshop I choose to write about number four which is: Your pets least likable character trait.  I chose this one because I could literally list several things that she does that drives me up the wall and this is the one thing  that drives everyone in my house insane.

Since I moved back home a few years ago Elinore has started only using the litter boxes to pee in them and not when she poops.  She will go out side of the box in the laundry room and on the rug that we have right next in front of the door from the garage.  I have no idea why she does this and what made her start doing this but needless to say everyone is tired of it.

When she does go outside and go to bathroom she will poop in the lawn but she will only pee in dirt or in a litter box so it isn’t like she doesn’t know what the litter box is for.  She just seems to not want to use it when she poops.  I have googled reasons why she has started doing this but everyone knows with cats you never know why they start to do crazy things.

If any of you have any advice on how to stop her from doing this I would greatly appreciate it.

What is one thing that your pet does that drives you insane?

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Things That Drive Me Insane-Nurses

Things That Drive Me Insane

This time for things that drive me insane I am going to talk about my latest infusion and how bad one of the nurses there was.  The thing that made me the maddest about the whole situation was the fact that she was a supervisor.  Anyway lets get onto the story.  I am sure you all know that I have Multiple Sclerosis and that I take Tysabri once a month to keep me stable.

So once a month I go to the hospital and get an IV in my arm so I can get the medication.  The best way to describe how the give it is to say they give it like they do Chemo or when you have a blood transfusion.  So usually they get the IV started with just one poke but this time it took 3 times.

Now if the only problem was that I took three times to get the IV started I wouldn’t be so pissed about it but the second time they poked me it hurt like hell and here I will show you a picture of the bruise that formed:

Things That Drive Me Insane-Idiot Nurses

This was taken 5 minutes or so after I got home from getting my infusion done.

This bruise was already forming before she pulled out the needle because she couldn’t find the vein.  I don’t think I have ever had a nurse dig around so much trying to get the vein.  She was digging around for a good 2 to 3 minutes and still couldn’t get it.  She then had to poke me for the 3rd time and thank god she got me then because if she hadn’t I wouldn’t have let her poke me again.

Here is what the bruise looked about 4 or 5 days latter:


What the hell is up with the straight lines????

Let me just tell you I have never once seen a bruise like this.  The fact that there are straight lines is so weird and everyone that see’s it says the same thing.  I ended up having to go to the hospital and get blood drawn because she messed up and my blood test came back weird so they want to make sure that it everything was okay.   Oh and this bruise still hurts and I bet even when the bruise goes away I will still have pain because I believe she went into the muscle and did some damage.

I pray to god that when I go back for my next infusion that she won’t be there because I hate making scenes but there is no way in hell that she is ever going to get another needle anywhere near me.  I have another Idiot Drivers coming up next week.

Has this ever happened to you???

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Things That Drive Me Insane-Idiot Drivers Part 2

Things That Drive Me Insane

I haven’t written one of these posts in a few months and it is time for another one.  The very first one of these posts I wrote was about idiot drivers and this is going to be part 2 because I have seen some real winners lately.  Usually once it warms up here the drivers get better but this year they have gotten 10 times worse.  I am not sure where to even start with this post because there are so many things that are driving me insane lately.

I am going to start with the most shocking one first because well I am still floored by it.  I was on my way to work in the morning and I saw a woman curling her hair with a curling iron as she was driving.    Even as I am writing this I am still in shock and the best part was that I then saw her the next week doing the same thing!

Who in the hell does that while they are driving????  The longer I think about this the more crazy it gets because in order for her to able to do that she had to get a power inverter.  Which shows that she “thought” through this idea.  I told one of the guys I work with about it and he brought up the point what will happen when she drops the hot curling iron because we all know that when you drop something hot while driving it always seems to end up in your crotch.

The next thing that is driving me insane is when people decide to make their own damn lanes while they are driving.  I can’t even count how many times I have seen this in the past week alone.  I was looking back that the first post I did about idiot drivers and this was the comment that was left on that post: (this is only part of the comment)

…my personal favorite is when there’s heavy traffic and someone doesnt’ want to wait anymore on the freeway. So they just pull into the shoulder and drive along at 55 mph or so like it’s their own personal lane. Of course, one day they’re gonna plow into someone who’s stuck there with a flat, or pop their own tire on the nails and junk in that lane… idiots.

I can’t wait to watch some idiot who makes their own lane get in a major accident because they think they can do whatever they want.  It would also be great see them plow into a cop car that has someone pulled over.  I get so pissed off when I am stuck in traffic and I watch people making their own lanes and then having to get in front of me.  I want to yell at the and tell them to get in line.  I mean I learned in elementary school get in line and “no butting” in.  I have noticed though that people riding motorcycles are probably the worst when it comes to making their own lane and thinking them can do whatever they want.

I was going to write about one other thing but I think I am going to save that until next time so there will be a part 3 of idiot drivers.  Who knew I could find so many things that people do while driving that would bug the hell out of me.  I guess it comes with driving to and from work for almost 6 years.

What do drivers do that drive you insane???

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Two Faced-People – Things That Drive Me Insane

Two Faced People

So this week the thing that has driven me insane are two-faced people.  I am so tired of people who will say one thing to your face and then turn around and say or do something that goes against what they said to your face.  I have been at my current job of years now and lets just say I deal on a daily basis with people like this and I am reaching my limit with this kind of stuff.

The industry that I work in being two-faced is pretty common and I will never understand why people can’t just say to my face what they are thinking about what they are saying behind my back.  I was on Facebook a few weeks ago and I saw this saying and I loved it!

My Back Is Not A Voicemail . . .

This is how I am feeling about how things are at my job.  I have really reached my limit but I don’t think there is anything that I can really do about it.  It just amazes me that the people who I work with act like they are in high school.  It is just old and it sucks that the people who are doing it think that I am not smart enough to know what is going on but that is a whole different post.

I guess the point of this post is that I am so tired of people who can’t just be honest and tell me what they think of me while I am standing there.

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Things That Drive Me Insane-Insurance Companies

Things That Drive Me Insane


I am sure everyone knows that I have Multiple Sclerosis and because  of the medication I use to treat it I have to get MRI’s every 6 months. I had my latest MRI on Saturday the 16th of February.  I received a call on the Friday before my MRI from my health insurance company and all I could think was great now what is their deal.

For a little back story I have always had problems with insurance companies.  It always seems like since they have to pay out for me they tend to give me the run around and what not.  One time a few years ago I actually had an insurance company make everyone that they paid money to send the money back to them and then I had to fight with them in order to get them to pay for the claims that they requested the money back for.  Lets just say that fixing the mess took over a year and I am still sure I paid to much on a few of the claims because I just got tired of fighting with them about it all.

Anyway back to the story  when I answered the phone they basically wanted me to change the place of my MRI because the place I was getting it done at wasn’t one of their preferred providers.  I was dumbfounded because  I was having the MRI the next  day and I know enough to know that there is no way that there would be an opening on a Saturday to get a MRI if most places even do MRI’s on Saturdays.

I understand why they called about it but they didn’t have to give me hard time when I told them that I was okay with paying more because my doctor works out of the hospital and it is easier for me to keep track of my records and what not if everything is done in the same spot.  I get that they want to save me money but if I am okay with paying more than they really should just say okay and get off the phone.

I am glad they were trying to save me money and everything but in the end if I am okay spending more money then just leave it alone.  I may spend more money for the MRI but it means that I don’t have to worry about my doctor getting the results or anything like that because she will be able to just pull them up in the computer.  I have had the scans done at other places before and it always turns into a big hassle when it comes to getting the results and things like that.  So that is the latest thing that drove me insane.

What is driving you insane this week?

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One Thing That Drives Me Insane-Idiot Drivers

Things That Drive Me Insane

I am thinking about starting a new post series about things that drive me insane.  I will just post one when something people have done drive me crazy.  Today I want to write about idiot drivers.  As most of you know I live in Utah and the past few months it has been snowing quite a bit which always makes for interesting drives to and from work.  What drives me insane is it is like people forget from one day to the next how to drive in the snow.  I also love the idiots that drive big trucks or SUV’s that think they can drive 100 MPH when it is snowing and the roads are icy.  It never fails that I see them a little farther down in an accident and I just laugh at them.

You would think after driving in the snow for a few days that people would remember to slow down and not follow so closely but they still drive like total idiots and then always seem to act confused when they get in accidents.  I have driven to the job I have now for 6 winters and lets just say that the drivers seem to get worse every year.  I have started leaving my house super early because I don’t want to deal with the idiot drivers anymore than I have too.

What do drivers do that piss you off?

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