One Thing That Drives Me Insane-Idiot Drivers

Things That Drive Me Insane

I am thinking about starting a new post series about things that drive me insane.  I will just post one when something people have done drive me crazy.  Today I want to write about idiot drivers.  As most of you know I live in Utah and the past few months it has been snowing quite a bit which always makes for interesting drives to and from work.  What drives me insane is it is like people forget from one day to the next how to drive in the snow.  I also love the idiots that drive big trucks or SUV’s that think they can drive 100 MPH when it is snowing and the roads are icy.  It never fails that I see them a little farther down in an accident and I just laugh at them.

You would think after driving in the snow for a few days that people would remember to slow down and not follow so closely but they still drive like total idiots and then always seem to act confused when they get in accidents.  I have driven to the job I have now for 6 winters and lets just say that the drivers seem to get worse every year.  I have started leaving my house super early because I don’t want to deal with the idiot drivers anymore than I have too.

What do drivers do that piss you off?

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  1. Lol, oh man, don’t even get me started! With my job, I have to drive arouind the city all day, back and forth to different job sites. Anything you can imagine that drivers do, I’ve seen or epxerienced. It’s nuts. People are terrible drivers, and if I see one more person texting while driving and swerving all over the road, I”m gonna lose my sh!t! Lol, my personal favorite is when there’s heavy traffic and someone doesnt’ want to wait anymore on the freeway. So they just pull into the shoulder and drive along at 55mph or so like it’s their own personal lane. Of course, one day they’re gonna plow into someone who’s stuck there with a flat, or pop their own tire on the nails and junk in that lane… idiots. Actually, now that I think of it, I have a post on a confrontation I had with a driver…it wasn’t good (
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  2. I am so glad that driving isn’t my job because I am sure I would have quit along time ago. I am always yelling at other drivers and I also have the urge to ram my car into people from time to time lol
    Margaret Tidwell recently posted…One Thing That Drives Me Insane-Idiot DriversMy Profile

  3. Drivers that think they own the road pisses me off badly. You know with their speed, seems like they are asking for a race. I just wish them luck for not having an accident or speeding ticket.
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