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This week I chose to write about number 2 which is: “Currently” a simple list of things you’re currently feeling as seen at Sometimes Sweet.

Reading: Right now I am reading a few different books to review.  Here is a list of a few of the ones I am reading: “The Letters” by Suzanne Woods Fisher, “Defending Wellton” by Kelli Kretzchmar, “Scarred Love” by M.S. Brannon.  I also have reviews coming up for some great books I have read the past few weeks.
Listening to: Right now I am listening to Country music mainly but I also am still loving Celtic Thunder and have been for the past few years.
Thinking about: I am thinking about a lot of crazy things that are going on in my life because I am not sure what is going on and what is going to happen in the next few months.  I wish I could write about the big thing but for now I can’t in respect for the others involved in the situation.
Watching: I am not really watching anything right now because I am not a huge TV fan.  I do love watching Lockup on MSNBC on Saturday nights but the past two weeks it hasn’t been on due to different things going on in the this country.  I also have been loving Dead Files on the Travel Channel.
Bummed out on: Watching people in my life struggling because of choices they made but it still hurts to watch them go through things I went through because they thought it wouldn’t happen to them.
Loving: I have been loving having this bunny is our backyard for the past few days.  We did catch him yesterday but I loved looking out into the background and seeing him there and also watching Sylvia stare at the shed in the backyard waiting to see it because she is interested in it and yet scared to death of it at the same time.




Mama’s Losin’ It

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Introducing . . .



Today for the Writers Workshop I am going to introduce everyone to Sylvia.  I know I have talked about her on here before but I am going to introduce her and add a few clips of some videos that I have with her in them.

Sylvia is about 6 years old and my grandma is the one who picked out her name.  I already had Elinore when I decided I was going to adopt a kitten and I wanted them both to have “old” lady names.  She has always been a handful and has always hated to be held and picked up.  She is to this day still hates to be held.  While you are holding her she is growling and hissing.

She does have long fur so she gets mats.  Since she hates to be brushed we just brush the mats out when they are little because she will allow us to pet her when she wants to be petted.  When she decides that she wants to be petted you have to drop everything and pet her or she will hiss and run away.

She is the first cat we have ever had that is either sitting still or running full speed.  She doesn’t seem to go anywhere walking well she never used to but she has had to start slowing down because we redid the flooring in part of the house and she slides everywhere if she runs.

Here a few videos of her: The second one shows what she does when she wants to be petted and I try and move her off of me.

She is also scared of pretty much everything and I believe that is because she picked up on everything that Elinore was scared of in the beginning.  Since Elinore was abused before I got her she was super scared of everything and has since started growing out of all of those things but Sylvia is still scared to death of pretty much everything.

That is pretty much all of Sylvia and some of the crazy things that she does.

What crazy things do your pets do?

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Most Important Thing In My Life Right Now


This is a question that was on Band Back Together site a few weeks ago and I am just getting around to writing the post about it.  The question is what is the most important thing in my life.  This was something that was easy for me to answer because I know without a doubt that the most important things to me are my two cats.

I could live without pretty much everything else but I don’t know how I would live without my two girls.  It is crazy to me how much my two cats have become like my kids and are “replacement” kids for my daughter I placed for adoption.  I am not sure people who haven’t placed a child for adoption would understand that last statement and I am not sure how to explain it to make them understand.  I guess the best way to explain it is that when you place your child for adoption you still have the desire to mother something so instead getting pregnant again I got my two girls.


This is Sylvia

This is Elinore

This is Elinore

What is most important to you?

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destroyedThis week for the Writers Workshop there were two prompts that I wanted to write about so I figured that I would just write about one today and the other one on Thursday.  Right now I am going to write about the latest thing that my cat has destroyed.  I am sure most of you know that Elinore was abused before I got adopted her so she tends to have weird quirks.

This is Elinore

This is Elinore

After I had her for about 6 months I got Sylvia and then all of my flip-flops started to look like one of them was clawing them.  For the longest time I thought it was Sylvia because she is the one who has front claws and I didn’t see how Elinore be able to do that to  them since she has no front claws.

After I moved back in with my grandparents my grandma finally caught the cat that was literally destroying any flip-flops that she could find which also included ones that my grandpa kept in his closet.  It was Elinore!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She bites them and then pulls parts of the foam off.  If she find any flip-flops that are on the ground she will chew them up and destroy them.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many pairs I have had to replace because she destroys them.

Here are a few pictures of a few that we just leave on the ground for her to destroy.

IMG_0184c IMG_0186c


So as you can see she loves to chew them up.  I find she mainly does it when she is mad at me for some reason or if she got in trouble.  I have started just buying them when they are super cheap at the end of summer and giving them to her.  I find that she likes her old purple on the best and I can always tell when she has been chewing on it because there will be little pieces of purple all over the place in my room.

What is the latest thing you pet destroyed?

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Update on Elinore & Sylvia

So I haven’t written about the cubs in awhile so I figured that I would do an update on Elinore & Sylvia and also introduce them to any new followers that I have that may not know who the cubs are.  I have 2 cats that I have always called the cubs because they tend to follow me around like bear cubs follow their mom’s.  Their names are Elinore & Sylvia.


199540_1817229663179_8122711_n 15555_1243904890418_8100596_n

I adopted Elinore from “No More Homeless Pets” about 6 or 7 years ago.  She was abused before I got her.  She only has half a tail and the pads on her front feet look like they have been burned or something like that.  When I first got her she was super skittish and scared of most things.  She has slowly come out of that but she still doesn’t like feet and she isn’t a huge fan of males.  She also has start to have issues with using the litter box and I am not sure why she is having them so I can’t fix it.


416313_3342442672551_171921593_o 34879_1474519615642_4388950_n

I got Sylvia from one of my brothers ex-girlfriends and she is about 5 years old.  She is by far the craziest  cat I have had.  She hates to be held in fact she pretty much hates to do just about anything when she isn’t doing it on her own.  She only wants to be petted when she says so and at times that isn’t a great thing for us.  She loves to sit on my grandma’s chest and get petted at night and she takes a dime view of you not wanting to pet her when she says that it is time.  She also loves to play.  She would play all day if someone would sit there and play with her feather toy.

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So Creepy

Father’s Day started out like any other Sunday at our house.  I was woken up at about 6:50 or so by my grandparents cat which as I look back on it now should have been my first clue that something wasn’t right.

Anyway back to my story.  I was looking through the Target ad and saw that they had Dr. Pepper on sale so I decided I was going to run over to Target and then come back and work on designs.  As I was getting dressed I heard what sounded like finger nails on the wall under my bed.  The first time I heard it I didn’t think anything of it but when I heard it again I knew that there was something alive under my bed and it wasn’t one of my cats.

I finished getting dressed and then went and told my grandma that I thought there was a mouse or even a bird under my bed.  She came down to my room and started looking under my bed.  I ran to get a flash light and once she turned it on and looked under the bed she saw what was making the noise.

There was a BABY BIRD under my bed and it was very much alive.  Needless to say this immediately freaked me out.  I went and got my grandpa and we started to chase the bird around my room and into my grandparent’s room for the next hour.

Needless to say when we finally caught it my whole room was torn apart and a total mess.  My grandma and I then spent rest of the day cleaning my room and doing laundry since my entire bed had to be moved while we were trying to catch the bird.

Let’s just say I have never had an issue with birds before but now I find them totally creepy and I want nothing to do with them.  I also am going to be sleeping with my door closed because I can’t handle any more critters getting brought into my room!  Oh and it was my grandparents cat Vinnie that brought the bird in because my cats are terrified of birds.

I hope your Father’s Day was tons better than mine!

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Halloween From The Past

These are the girls costumes from last year.  I didn’t get them any new ones this year so I am going to dress them up in some of the other ones I have used over the years.  The pictures are blurry because they wanted to run away from me.

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An Update On Me

I can’t believe it is already Thursday.  It seems like I just started the week but I am glad it is because I think that I am getting sick.  So I hope if I am that I can get sick this weekend so that I don’t have to work and be sick at the same time.  All I can do is wait and see what happens.  I know if I go home and drink a tea that my grandma makes I will get better so I think I am going to do it even though it makes me wanna gag and throw up.  I will drink it and hopefully get rid of whatever I am trying to come down with. 
Monday and Tuesday of this week were totally busy for me and know it has totally slowed down and I am totally bored.  I hate how that tends to happen here.  I am either overwhelmed or totally bored.  There is never a happy medium.  I guess that is how it is always going to be but I am still going to complain about it because well it totally bugs the hell out of me.  I barely had time to post on Monday and Tuesday.  Oh well like I always say at least I have a job!
It is supposed to snow this weekend and I am totally not looking forward to that at all.  I hate the snow and I am so not ready for it come and the thought of driving in it again totally pisses me off!  I really think I need to move to somewhere where it won’t ever snow.  I am hoping we don’t have a bad winter because I don’t wanna see how bad my car really will do in lots of snow.  I lucked out last year because we didn’t have a bad winter at all but I don’t know if I am going to be that lucky this year or not.  We will wait and pray that it isn’t a bad winter at all.
The girls are hating the fact that it is getting so cold outside.  They are always getting mad that I would let them go outside when it gets to be too cold for them.  Elinore has started this really weird habit of not going to sleep at night until her whole herd is home.  For example the other night my grandpa was having a sleep study done so he wasn’t home that night and she was restless most of the night like she was waiting for him to get home.  Who knew that a cat really cared if people were around or not.  Hell most cats just deal with people because we feed them.  Guess she really cares if people are home or not.  I have decided that I have the two weirdest cats that there are out there.
Josh is supposedly going to be home for my birthday but we will see if that happens or not.  I can never really plan on him being here or not.  It is just something that I have learned to deal with.  The only thing that is going to bug me is he thinks it is just going to be me and him the whole time he is home and well that won’t happen because I am a home body and we both are totally broke so we will be at my Grandparents house and hell it is Thanksgiving weekend which means shopping like a mad woman on Friday!!!!
For Thanksgiving this year I am going to go over to my dads.  I am nervous for this because well I don’t really know him yet and it will the first time my husband has met him.  I have met with him two other times and it was when my husband went crazy last year and thought he wanted a divorce.  So it should be interesting to say the least.  You never do know what my husband will say or do.  I am sure he will love a new group of people to tell his stories to. 

How has everyone’s week been so far????  What are your plans for this upcoming weekend??? 

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Halloween and Football Sunday

Well lets all thank god that Halloween is over and I am safe for another year.  If you read Elinore’s blog you will know that she wasn’t happy with me yesterday or today for that matter.  I went to Target today and got next years costumes for them.  Next year they are going to be a witch and a princess.  Here are some pictures that I took yesterday while they had the costumes on.

That last picture what just because I was bugging Sylvia and she hated having it on her head.  I am so excited for next year!  They are going to be so cute!!!
Now on to football.  The Utes played yesterday and lets just say that they didn’t remember how to play football until the forth quarter.  Oh well at least they won the game.  I wish that they would play the whole game because if they play like they have been they are going to lose when they play TCU.  The colts are playing right now.  Once it is over I will add an update to this post so that you all can know my thoughts on the game.  So far Alex Smith has done really well and he isn’t even playing for my team.

UPDATE:  Well the game just ended and lets just say I was shocked that they won.  Manning wasn’t at his best and rest of the team couldn’t get it together either.  Now they are 7-0!   I am glad that they won but I am sure shocked that they pulled it out.  My guy didn’t do very well at all but they all tried and a win is a win.

Well Elinore finally made me make her a blog.  So now she will be posting to her own blog whenever she can find the time between her naps.  This means that there will no longer be Fursday post.  If you would like to keep up with her and what she is up to here is the link to her blog.
I won’t be censoring what she says so if you are easily offend I don’t know that you should read it.  Sylvia will also be making appearance on Elinore’s blog as well!