8 Things For Bored Kids To Do

8 Things For Bored Kids To Do


When I saw that one of the prompts this week was to list eight things for bored kids to do, I knew I had to write about it because of things that my Grandma used to make me do if I ever said I was bored. To this day, I still never say I am bored to her because I have no doubt she would find something for me to do that I don’t want to do. Anyway here are eight things that your kids could do if they say they are bored.

  1. Have them go and clean something. This is what my Grandma would have me do if I ever told her I was bored. She usually made me go and dust which to this day I still hate doing and I am sure that is what her mom made her do if she said she was bored.
  2. Have them go and read a good book.

  3. Depending on the time of year they can go outside and play with friends or ride bikes.

  4. Give them a craft to work on that won’t cause a super big mess but will keep them entertained.

  5. Have them play a board game if the weather outside isn’t the best. This one would never have worked for my brother and me because to this day we still get into huge fights when we play board games together.

  6. Set up a small scavenger hunt for them to work on.

  7. Help them bake some cookies and take they to an elder neighbor.

  8. Go and explore somewhere you and the kids have never been before.

Those are 8 things that you could try and do with your children if they say they are bored. Even now as an adult I don’t say those words because I always get stuck doing something that I have no desire to do.

What is something that you would have your kids do when they say they are bored?

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5. Take a look at your archives, what were you blogging about in a previous year at this time? What has changed?
6. List 8 solutions for bored children.
7. Write about something funny a sibling said to you.

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7 Things I Miss

7 Things I MissThis week for the writers workshop I am going to be writing about number 2 : 7 things I miss about being a kid.  I didn’t have the best childhood so I am not sure if I can come up with 7 things but I am going to try so let’s get started and see what I can come up with.

  1. I miss some of the friends I had when I was in school.
  2. I miss going to school.  I am sure some of you are shocked by this one but I really did love & enjoy school.
  3. I miss having a summer break and/or days off during the school year.
  4. I miss not having to worry about paying bills or running out of money before the month is over.
  5. I miss the few years I had when I was a teenager before I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I had a few years where I did get to feel like a normal kid but then I got diagnosed with MS and I felt like I pushed back down.
  6. I miss  the times were easier.  I didn’t even get into things on the internet until I was in college and I am so glad for that because I don’t think I would have survived high school if we had Facebook and everything that kids have to deal with today in school.
  7. I can’t think of a seventh thing that I miss so I am going to write one reason I am glad my childhood is over.  I am glad my childhood is over so that I don’t have to go to high school and deal with all the idiots I went to school with.

Those are the 7 things I miss about being a kid.  What do you miss about your childhood?

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Graham Greene-Quote Of The Week

Quote Of The Week

This weeks quote is by Graham Greene and it is about childhood & letting the future in.

Graham Greene

I loved this quote because it is so true at least it is to me.  I know my whole childhood I was almost forced to grow up and become more of an adult because of things that happened to me.  The one time I remember though was when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 15 or 16.  I still remember sitting in the doctors office finding out that I had MS and knowing from that point on that my life was about to change and I had to start making adult decisions because I had a disease that was never going to go away or get any better.

Did anything like that ever happen to you?

What do you think of this week quote and as usual let me know what quotes you are loving right now.

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10 Favorite Snacks From My Childhood!

10 Favorite Snacks

This was a prompt from the writers workshop a few weeks ago and I still wanted to publish the post.  So the prompt for this post is: make a list of your 10 favorite snacks growing up.  As I am thinking about snacks I loved as a child are mostly candy.  I have found pictures of the things I am talking about so you can see them if you have never heard of them before.

  1. Haribo Gummi Frogs-I loved these are through high school and they are still something that I love to this day.042238472556_1
  2. Haribo Gold-Bears-To me these are just classic candy and something that I love to eat to this day.haribo
  3. Ring PopsEbay_035
  4. Trolli Brite Crawlerstrolli
  5. Pop RocksMain image
  6. Blow Pops4569-DEFAULT-m
  7. Laughy Taffy-the watermelon kind with the seedstumblr_mwfyk4ynK61sbamp3o1_500
  8. Peachie O’s778bb0d99c1b52cabd2ede59179b4a04
  9. Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips8264548_orig
  10. GooGoo Cluster Ice Cream22810WFGOOGOOCLUSTER

I just listed junk food snacks because that is what I think of when I think of snacks but I did grow up loving almost all veggies & fruits so I ate tons of them as well.

What snacks did you love as a child?


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