8 Things For Bored Kids To Do

8 Things For Bored Kids To Do


When I saw that one of the prompts this week was to list eight things for bored kids to do, I knew I had to write about it because of things that my Grandma used to make me do if I ever said I was bored. To this day, I still never say I am bored to her because I have no doubt she would find something for me to do that I don’t want to do. Anyway here are eight things that your kids could do if they say they are bored.

  1. Have them go and clean something. This is what my Grandma would have me do if I ever told her I was bored. She usually made me go and dust which to this day I still hate doing and I am sure that is what her mom made her do if she said she was bored.
  2. Have them go and read a good book.

  3. Depending on the time of year they can go outside and play with friends or ride bikes.

  4. Give them a craft to work on that won’t cause a super big mess but will keep them entertained.

  5. Have them play a board game if the weather outside isn’t the best. This one would never have worked for my brother and me because to this day we still get into huge fights when we play board games together.

  6. Set up a small scavenger hunt for them to work on.

  7. Help them bake some cookies and take they to an elder neighbor.

  8. Go and explore somewhere you and the kids have never been before.

Those are 8 things that you could try and do with your children if they say they are bored. Even now as an adult I don’t say those words because I always get stuck doing something that I have no desire to do.

What is something that you would have your kids do when they say they are bored?

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