Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Writers Workshop

Why Can't I Lose Weight

This week for the writer’s workshop I am going to be talking about a few reasons why I can’t lose weight. I know there a ton of reasons, but these are the ones that came to my mind first when I was writing this post. I also am well aware of what I am doing will cause me to gain weight or just make is so I can’t lose weight.

I had lost a ton of weight about six years or so ago, but I started a medication that made me put on tons of weight in a short period, and I haven’t lost all of it. Even though at times I have tried harder than other times I can’t see to get the weight off again. Here are a few reasons why I can’t lose weight.

  1. The first one is because I refuse to stop drinking Dr. Pepper. I have had to cut out so many other things out of my diet because of allergies or because of sensitivities to things like gluten. I know I would lose weight if I could do it out, but there is no way that will ever cut it out.
  2. The next reason is that I enjoy eating chips and fried foods. I love salty foods, and I would eat them for every meal if I could get away with it.
  3. Another is that I don’t work out, and I have the desire to start. I always say I can’t work out because of the Multiple Sclerosis, but it is just because I am lazy, and I don’t want to.
  4. I also know that I would lose weight if I had another job where I wasn’t sitting at a desk all day long and rarely leaving my desk. I used to help out in the warehouse when I was bored but because of the job I am training to do I am pretty much stuck at my desk all day.
  5. I also just sit around and watch tv on the weekends or read a book. For example, on Sunday I am lucky if I get over two thousand steps in. Most Sundays I only get about fifteen hundred steps. I know if I were more active I would lose weight. It also gets hard for me to do things because my sleep is terrible so by the time I get off work it is all I can do to go home take a bath and go to bed.

Those are five things that I know if I changed I would lose weight but as you can see I am not highly motivated to do any of them.

What is one reason you aren’t losing weight?

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Saturday 9 & Day 12 Something I Never Get Compliments On

Saturday 9: Superstition

1. What are you superstitious about?
I hate Friday the 13 but other than that I am okay.  I used to work in the medical field and full moons and Friday the 13ths where the worst days to be working because the craziest stuff would always happen those days.  You could pretty much plan on having a weird shift those days.
2. What’s the story behind one of your scars?
Most of my scars happened when I feel off my bike and the other ones I have are from cats beating me up because I love to bug them!
3. What are three things that you would rather be doing right now?
Anything lol
4. What do you do when you’re bored?
Watch Movies
Surf the Web
Read Blogs
Play The Sims 3
5. What’s your favorite thing to do? Why?
I don’t just have one thing that I love to do.  I love a lot of things and they are the same as the list above!
6. What do you do when you’re lonely?
Read blogs or watch TV
7. How do you measure the passing of time in life?
I am not sure-I mostly go on ages
8. What would constitute “the perfectly lived day” for you?
No drama and not feeling sick or not being tired for the MS.
9. If you knew you were going to die in a year, what would you do in your final days?
I would do anything I could do.  I would want to try and experience as much as I could in the year that I had left.
I can’t really think of anything.  I have tried to fly below the radar and so that no one knows who I am.  I have done a good job of this so people haven’t noticed me very much at all.  I know that the people do notice don’t say much about my weight.