Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Writers Workshop

Why Can't I Lose Weight

This week for the writer’s workshop I am going to be talking about a few reasons why I can’t lose weight. I know there a ton of reasons, but these are the ones that came to my mind first when I was writing this post. I also am well aware of what I am doing will cause me to gain weight or just make is so I can’t lose weight.

I had lost a ton of weight about six years or so ago, but I started a medication that made me put on tons of weight in a short period, and I haven’t lost all of it. Even though at times I have tried harder than other times I can’t see to get the weight off again. Here are a few reasons why I can’t lose weight.

  1. The first one is because I refuse to stop drinking Dr. Pepper. I have had to cut out so many other things out of my diet because of allergies or because of sensitivities to things like gluten. I know I would lose weight if I could do it out, but there is no way that will ever cut it out.
  2. The next reason is that I enjoy eating chips and fried foods. I love salty foods, and I would eat them for every meal if I could get away with it.
  3. Another is that I don’t work out, and I have the desire to start. I always say I can’t work out because of the Multiple Sclerosis, but it is just because I am lazy, and I don’t want to.
  4. I also know that I would lose weight if I had another job where I wasn’t sitting at a desk all day long and rarely leaving my desk. I used to help out in the warehouse when I was bored but because of the job I am training to do I am pretty much stuck at my desk all day.
  5. I also just sit around and watch tv on the weekends or read a book. For example, on Sunday I am lucky if I get over two thousand steps in. Most Sundays I only get about fifteen hundred steps. I know if I were more active I would lose weight. It also gets hard for me to do things because my sleep is terrible so by the time I get off work it is all I can do to go home take a bath and go to bed.

Those are five things that I know if I changed I would lose weight but as you can see I am not highly motivated to do any of them.

What is one reason you aren’t losing weight?

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Friday I had my infusion and lets just say that for the first time since I have been doing them I had to get poked twice.  She kept digging with the first needle until I told her I couldn’t deal with the pain any longer.  There is nothing that hurts more than a nurse fishing around in your arm trying to get a vein that she has missed but doesn’t want to re-due it and get it right.  After about 3 or 4 minutes digging around I finally said that’s enough.  I can’t take the pain anymore.  She then poked me again a little higher up on the vein and got it in the first time.  Now where I was poked at hurts and I got a battle wound (bruise).

I also got an email from my daughters adoptive family.  It totally made my Friday.  They told me about her and also enclosed two pictures for me.  I am not going to post them but if you would like to see them let me know and I will email them to you.  I can’t believe how big she has gotten and how much she looks like my little brother.  She is short like I am but has the coloring of my little brother.  They said that she is all girl and is really good in school.  I was so glad to hear from them and happy that she is doing good.  It will be six years in July since I had her and placed her for adoption.  I know I made the right choice when I look at her pictures and see how happy she is.

I didn’t do that well this week when it comes to not eating.  I tried my best but lets just say that this week wasn’t the best.  I also haven’t done well on my diet but I am going to try and go walking tomorrow even though I will have to go by myself.  I really just need to charge my Ipod and go for a walk every night.  I need to lose the weight and I also need to get in shape for our trip to Yellowstone this summer.

That is all I have for today.  I still have a few spots left for designs so let me know if you are interested in getting a free design!


NES Check In

It has been a few weeks since I have done an update on my eating disorder.  For the most part i have done okay.  For some reason though Saturday nights are super bad for me.  I always end up eating all night long.  It is better than when I used to do it all night long every night but it is still frustrating that I can’t stop doing it.  I hope in time that I will be able to beat this disease. 

I was going to update how my weight loss is going but I can tell you that I haven’t done well with my diet and losing weight these past few weeks.  I am going to start either walking at night or doing a work out dvd each night.  I am think since it is nice out there most night that I am going to either go walk on the river like I used to or I am going to walk the route I used to walk in the neighborhood. 

That is all I have for today!  I hope everyone has had a great Easter!



NES Check In

I have had a really rough week but I did really well up until Saturday night.  I only ate one other at night this week so for me that means it has been a great week!  the new antidepressant is working so that is a great thing and helps me know I can and will beat this disease.  I started the whole Slim Fast diet so I am hoping that it will help me lose the weight I put on while I was on my old antidepressant.  The new antidepressant has made me not want to eat so it is easier to be on a diet while I am taking it.  That’s all of it for this week!  I hope everyone has a great week!!! 

Jacqui & Her Weekly Thoughts on My Blog!

I have been thinking that it would be fun to have a weekly blog post by someone else to give a little variety to my readers.  I have picked Jacqui because she is a fun girl and I love reading her blog!  She is one of my bloggy BFF’s.  Here post this week is about drinking cold water!  If you like what you read go and read her blog!  I hope this will be a weekly feature!  If anyone else would like to be a guest blogger let me know!

Jacqui 2

How ice cold water helps you loose weight.
Drinking ice cold water all day everyday; ice cold water helps burn calories, about 35 calories per 8ozs. How is that possible you ask? Well your body will have to warm up the water before it can process it and digest it, so that’s burning calories. The colder the water the more calories you burn. It is also good to drink 8ozs of ice cold water 30 minutes before any meal. Why? Well it helps jump start your metabolism because your body was working to warm up the water and digesting it. I drink about 8-10 glasses a day. It also makes you pee a lot so it is helping detox your body of all the bad sugars/fats.
Water is the number one most important thing to address when it comes to losing weight, because water actually increases your body’s ability to metabolize fat. Here’s how:

Your liver is the organ that deals with metabolizing fat, and your kidneys deal with straining the toxins out of the water you drink. However, if you do not have enough water in your system already, your kidneys will not be able to do their job. In this case, your body shifts some of the work over to your liver.

So drinking water will not only helps you loose weight it also helps your body dispose of the bad sugars and fat. So instead of grabbing for that soda drink some water.