Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Writers Workshop

Why Can't I Lose Weight

This week for the writer’s workshop I am going to be talking about a few reasons why I can’t lose weight. I know there a ton of reasons, but these are the ones that came to my mind first when I was writing this post. I also am well aware of what I am doing will cause me to gain weight or just make is so I can’t lose weight.

I had lost a ton of weight about six years or so ago, but I started a medication that made me put on tons of weight in a short period, and I haven’t lost all of it. Even though at times I have tried harder than other times I can’t see to get the weight off again. Here are a few reasons why I can’t lose weight.

  1. The first one is because I refuse to stop drinking Dr. Pepper. I have had to cut out so many other things out of my diet because of allergies or because of sensitivities to things like gluten. I know I would lose weight if I could do it out, but there is no way that will ever cut it out.
  2. The next reason is that I enjoy eating chips and fried foods. I love salty foods, and I would eat them for every meal if I could get away with it.
  3. Another is that I don’t work out, and I have the desire to start. I always say I can’t work out because of the Multiple Sclerosis, but it is just because I am lazy, and I don’t want to.
  4. I also know that I would lose weight if I had another job where I wasn’t sitting at a desk all day long and rarely leaving my desk. I used to help out in the warehouse when I was bored but because of the job I am training to do I am pretty much stuck at my desk all day.
  5. I also just sit around and watch tv on the weekends or read a book. For example, on Sunday I am lucky if I get over two thousand steps in. Most Sundays I only get about fifteen hundred steps. I know if I were more active I would lose weight. It also gets hard for me to do things because my sleep is terrible so by the time I get off work it is all I can do to go home take a bath and go to bed.

Those are five things that I know if I changed I would lose weight but as you can see I am not highly motivated to do any of them.

What is one reason you aren’t losing weight?

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NES Check In

I have had a really rough week but I did really well up until Saturday night.  I only ate one other at night this week so for me that means it has been a great week!  the new antidepressant is working so that is a great thing and helps me know I can and will beat this disease.  I started the whole Slim Fast diet so I am hoping that it will help me lose the weight I put on while I was on my old antidepressant.  The new antidepressant has made me not want to eat so it is easier to be on a diet while I am taking it.  That’s all of it for this week!  I hope everyone has a great week!!! 


I have been struggling to find stuff to write about lately.  I found that Mama Kat keeps all of her prompts that she has used to writers work shops on her blog.  So I read through some of them and decided I am going to write about this one: Describe what you would change about yourself if you could.  This is a loaded topic because I feel that there is a lot I would like to change about myself.  The biggest one I would change though is my weight and the extra skin I have left over from having my daughter.  I know both of these issues can be fixed but they really do bug me.  I could do more to lose weight but it is hard because I already can’t eat so much that cutting all the junk out would leave me with hardly anything to eat.  I will be honest I am sure there are a lot of things I can do about the weight issue but right now I would rather bitch and moan then do any of them.

The extra skin there is nothing other than a tummy tuck and that doesn’t sound like a good option to me.  I would rather have it then have to go through all the pain and what not that comes along with getting a tummy tuck.  I have enough pain in my life I refuse to cause more pain by getting a tummy tuck or any elective surgery for that matter!

I hope everyone has a great Friday!

Day 1- Something I Hate About Myself

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Today is the first day of the 30 days of truth and lets just say I am not excited about today’s topic.  I could go on for days and days about things I hate about myself.  I guess the main things that I hate about myself are my weight and being sick all the time.  I know I can change the whole weight issue but I am trying and it doesn’t seem to get any better.  I know I am not the most dedicated person when it comes to trying to lose the weight but the MS also plays a huge role in me not losing it.  Which is why I hate being sick.  I wish I could make the MS go away and be a normal 25 year old that isn’t worried about what tomorrow is going to be like.