Eating Health

This week I am going to write about eating healthy.  I realize now how important watching what you eat is.  Since I have be diagnosed I found out that I shouldn’t eat gluten.  I don’t think I have Celiac’s Disease but I know if I eat gluten I am going to get a headache and a few other symptoms.  I have noticed since I have cut out most of gluten in my life that the MS isn’t as bad.  Now this could be because of the medication I am on but I truly think that by cutting out the gluten my body isn’t as reactive as it was when it always had it in my system. 

The MS Society recommends a low fat high fiber diet.  They say that you should eat a diet low in saturated fats and use supplements of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils.  I personally can’t start taking any of the fish oils so I used to take Flax pills instead.  I also read on another site where it says you should cut out all fried foods and refined sugar.  They also say that white meats and fish are the best kinds of meat to eat.  I personally am considering going back to being a vegetarian.  You need to also cut out any foods that you are allergic too. You should eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water. 

As I was researching for this post I realized that this “diet” isn’t any different than what every person should be doing regardless if they have MS or not.  I am going to try and follow what I have learned but I know it will be super hard for me.  I feel like I already cut so much out when I took out gluten and dairy that I am not let with many choices.  I know that I have to do this though so I am going to start working on it!

If you have any questions or have a topic that you would like to learn about please leave me a comment and let me know!  I am always looking for topics.

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Friday I had my infusion and lets just say that for the first time since I have been doing them I had to get poked twice.  She kept digging with the first needle until I told her I couldn’t deal with the pain any longer.  There is nothing that hurts more than a nurse fishing around in your arm trying to get a vein that she has missed but doesn’t want to re-due it and get it right.  After about 3 or 4 minutes digging around I finally said that’s enough.  I can’t take the pain anymore.  She then poked me again a little higher up on the vein and got it in the first time.  Now where I was poked at hurts and I got a battle wound (bruise).

I also got an email from my daughters adoptive family.  It totally made my Friday.  They told me about her and also enclosed two pictures for me.  I am not going to post them but if you would like to see them let me know and I will email them to you.  I can’t believe how big she has gotten and how much she looks like my little brother.  She is short like I am but has the coloring of my little brother.  They said that she is all girl and is really good in school.  I was so glad to hear from them and happy that she is doing good.  It will be six years in July since I had her and placed her for adoption.  I know I made the right choice when I look at her pictures and see how happy she is.

I didn’t do that well this week when it comes to not eating.  I tried my best but lets just say that this week wasn’t the best.  I also haven’t done well on my diet but I am going to try and go walking tomorrow even though I will have to go by myself.  I really just need to charge my Ipod and go for a walk every night.  I need to lose the weight and I also need to get in shape for our trip to Yellowstone this summer.

That is all I have for today.  I still have a few spots left for designs so let me know if you are interested in getting a free design!