I am not sure where I saw this topic but since it is the week of Christmas I thought it was a great time to write this post and get it posted.  The topic is: List the top 9 things that bring you joy.  So lets get on to the list.

  1. The first thing that came to mind was my nephew Brycen.  We watch him on the weekends and he always makes me smile.
  2. My cats are the next things that bring me joy.  You never know what cats are going to do so it is always a good time watching them.  It is fun that Brycen now tries to play with them and if he didn’t scream when he gets excited I think they would play even more together.
  3. My grandma always brings me joy because she is always saying or doing things that make me laugh.
  4. Books.  Do I really need to explain this one???
  5. Blogging brings me joy because it always me to share books and other things that I love.  It is also my way of connecting with the outside world.
  6. The fact that I have a job makes me happy-Not because I love my job but because I am lucky to have one in today’s society.
  7. The few friends I do have make me happy because they always make me smile and they aren’t high maintenance like other friends I have had.
  8. The great winter weather we have had so far.  Now I know we will be hurting next summer for water since we have hardly had any snow but I don’t miss having to drive in it during rush hour.
  9. That this year is almost over and a new year will start next week.

So those are 9 things that bring me joy.  What is bringing you joy this year?

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I Quit!!!!

I QuitWhen I saw that this was one of the posts for this weeks Writers Workshop I wanted to write about it even though I am having to post it a day early.  I am going to write about 4 which is tell us about a job you quit…why did you do it.  I am going to talk about when I quit my last job before I got hired on where I am at now.

As most of you know that I wanted to be a nurse and one of the things I had to do in order to become a nurse was become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  Once I got my certification I had to work as a CNA in order to keep the certification.  I had a few other jobs as a CNA before I ended up at the last place I worked at.  Once I got to that place is when I really fell in love with the job and the residents at the home.  Before that I could have walked away from being a CNA because it wasn’t something that I could have seen myself doing long term.

Anyway back to the story, I worked there for about 2 years and loved everyday of it until about the last 6 months.  I hurt my back while I worked there and that was the beginning of the end for me.  After I hurt my back the workmen’s compensation doctor put me light duty and after you are on “light duty” for 6 months or something like that they make you take a leave of absence.   Now let me say that even though I was on “light duty” and “couldn’t” lift anything over 25 pounds I was still expect to do everything including the lifting.  Because of that and the fact that there were never enough people working my back never got better.

So when they put me on a leave of absence without any notice I was in total shock.  I went home and tried to get ahold of my doctor so that he  could change the order and I could go back to work.  The only way he would change the order was if I moved off the floor working in patient care and moved into an office type job.  When I talked to my supervisor about this he said that there was a job for me and once they got the new order that I could come back to work.

Well when they did get the order the job I had been promised wasn’t there and the only job was for me to go back working on the floor.  When I got that call I was pissed off and angry and I had to tell them well then I guess I can’t come back because I can’t work on the floor with my back like it is.

To this day the whole situation really pisses me off because I loved that job and I would still be there if I hadn’t gotten hurt.  I am not even going to talk about how I got hurt because that is another whole post.  To this day my back still hurts everyday so I am totally considering getting my certification again and going to back to at a different facility because I love the job and since I am in pain everyday why not go back!

Anyways that is my story on why I quit my last job as a CNA.

Why did you quit your job and would you do it again?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Day 9-If You Could Have Any Job In The World What Would It Be? #30DayChallenge

Day 9

Today’s topic is if you could have any job in the world what would it be?  If I could be anything in the world I would want to be a life flight nurse.  I have always want to be a nurse and work in the emergency room.  I love the fact that they are always busy and I love everything that they deal with.  I still remember when I was in high school and we had a real life flight nurse come into talk in one of my classes and from that  class on I knew that is what I wanted to do.

I did start going to school to be a nurse but after I got pregnant and life took over I lost the drive I guess you could say.  I still think about being a nurse and going back and finishing school but now I am wondering if that is what I really want to do.  I have been thinking a lot about going into social work because I would love to work with girls who are wanting to place their children for adoption but that also has it own set of problems and doubts in my head as well.

When I worked as a CNA  I loved the work and I would probably still be doing that kind of work if I didn’t hurt my back and could do the lifting that is required for the job.  So as of now I am not sure where I am going but I know I will have it figured out one day!

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