I Learned

I Learned

This week for the writers workshop I am going to write about  1.) Share something you learned in February.  There are quite a few things that I learned during the month of February.  The biggest thing I learned during February was that you should never take a day for granted because you never know when it will be your last day.

The company I work for had one of the ladies in our accounting department pass away suddenly and that made me realize that I need to stop taking every day for granted.  I have noticed that for the last few years I have just taken for granted that tomorrow is another day but I came to realize this month that I can’t take that for granted anymore.

Another thing I learned this month is how much time sucks.  I say that because I always hear that time will heal and let me tell you that time hasn’t really healed anything.  I wrote about how I am feeling this month about placing my daughter if you missed that post you can click here to check it out.  I had hoped that at almost 9 years later I still wouldn’t be struggling with placing her.  I know that I will never forget but I had hoped that it would get easier with time and it hasn’t gotten any better.

Those are a couple of things that I have learned during the month February.

What did you learn during February?

Mama’s Losin’ It

If you would like to join in this week here are the prompts.  Also after you write your post make sure you click here and link up your post.

1.) Share something you learned in February.
2.) Top 6 Favorite people to follow on Pinterest.
3.) Update your readers on your 2014 goals. How are things going? Are you staying on track or facing some challenges?
4.) Describe the most vivid dream you can remember.
5.) Your least favorite subject in school.

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Crazy. . .

What a week I have had. It has been crazy and I have hardly had the time to breathe let alone post to my blog even though I have so much to update about. As you can see I never got Freaky Friday Follow up this week either. It will be up next Friday just ran out of time this week to get it all set up. Anyway, My grandpa’s brother died on Sunday night and that has left most of my family depressed. My grandpa also lost his oldest sister just over a month ago. It has been a rough month to say the least. To top off my crazy week I have also started talking to the birth father of my daughters as well. I have always wondered what could have been with him and I but I wasn’t in a place to talk to him again. My daughter turned 6 in July and it has taken me six years to get to a place where I was no longer mad about going through it all alone. It is crazy how things have changed over the years. I am also amazed that it took 6 years for me to realize that how it happened was the best way for it to happen.

I started this post  last week and I am just now getting around to finishing it. All I can say work is crazy right now and so is home life.  As far as talking to my daughters father again I am not sure what will become of that.  I am a firm believe that people are in your past for a reason but I truly wonder what would have been if things had been different.  I hate the not knowing.  I do wonder what can happen but at the same time I am scared to find out.  It doesn’t help matters that he is on the other side of the country either. 

Okay I give up this post  will just have to be ended here because I don’t have the time to finish it!  I hope everyone is having a good week and be on look out for my new design site and some great giveaways coming when I launch the site!  Also I have a great post about my idiot husband to write up as well.
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