Alice Walker – Quote Of The Week

This week’s quote is by Alice Walker.

I really love this quote because I have had several friends who didn’t want to be around me because of the person I was becoming at the time.  I have changed quite a bit over the past ten years and there are people who haven’t changed at all in all of those years.  Most of them have stopped talk to me which made it easy to just move on.  I still do think about some of them and wonder what they are up too but I know it is for the best.

What do you this of this week’s quote by Alice Walker?

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Jim Rohn – Quote Of The Week

Quote Of The Week

This week’s quote is by Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn

When I saw this quote, it stuck out to me because people on the internet are always saying things because you can hide behind a made up persona.  I am the kind of girl that will say what I need to say regardless of if people know who I am.  I don’t hide who I am and I never really have since I have been online.  I don’t see the point because if I feel the need to hide what I am saying or doing than I have no business acting like that.  Those are just a few of my thoughts on this quote and how I feel about it.

What did you think of this week’s quote by Jim Rohn?

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Quote Of The Week – Ellen Glasgow

Quote Of The Week

This weeks quote is by Ellen Glasgow.

Ellen Glasgow

I loved this quote when I read it because it is so true for me.  People change all the time but that doesn’t mean that the changes are growth or that they are even good changes for that person.  I also agree with not all movement is forward because lately I feel like I am moving but I don’t feel like I am going forward.  I feel as though I am stuck right now but I am hoping to change that this year and get  back on track to where I want to go in life.  Those are just a few of my thoughts for this week.

Now I want to know what you think of this weeks quote by Ellen Glasgow? Do you agree or disagree?

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Things I Would Do Differently


This week for the writers workshop I wanted to write about things I would do differently if I started blogging again.

  • I think the first things I would have to do differently is not care about numbers.  As I look back now I see how much time I spent worrying about numbers and followers.  I spent a lot of time when I started blogging worrying about how many followers I had and the number of comments I would get on posts.  I have since learned that for me watching and worrying about numbers took the fun out of blogging for me so I try not to focus on those things anymore.
  • I also would have picked a name and tagline for my blog in the beginning instead of waiting a few years before I picked one.
  • I wish I would have done more research before I started  blogging.  When I started I had no idea about how big the blogging world was and things like that.  It took me a couple of years before I realized just how big blogging was and where I wanted to go with my own blogs.
  • I also wish I would have spent less time worrying about offending people and more time being true to me and who I am.  I am at a place now with blogging where I try not to offend anyone but I also am not going to not write about something in fear that it will offend someone.

Those are the only things I can think of that I would change if I could start again.

What would you change?

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