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Pennsylvania Patchwork by Kate Lloyd


Pennsylvania Patchwork by Kate Lloyd was a super cute and fun read.  It was another one that once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.  I loved the characters and I loved watching Kate try and figure out what to do and who was the right person for her to marry.  This was definitely a different book but that made it that much more appealing to me.  I loved how she didn’t grow up amish but that she embraced the lifestyle and loved it.  I am not sure I could do the same thing if I were in Kate’s shoes.  The only thing I didn’t like about the book was who she chose in the end but other than that I can’t say anything bad about this book!

About The Book

Seattle native Holly Fisher is smitten by Lancaster County, its simplicity and her long lost relatives. In the sequel to bestselling Leaving Lancaster, Holly embraces the Amish culture, learning to slow down to see what — and who — really matters.

Meeting the family that her mother had kept hidden from her, Holly comes face to face with her real life and blood legacy. She also falls for the charming Zach, a handsome Mennonite veterinarian who is everything she’s ever wanted in a husband: confident, kind, successful, and authentic. And Zach proposes marriage. Is this too soon? Is this the right choice? Mother and Amish grandmother think she’s rushing into too much of a lifestyle change. Holly is in love with Zach and that precludes everything. Until she meets an attractive Amish man. And an old suitor shows up.

Pennyslvania Patchwork is the moving, richly told story of one woman’s heart, her faith and trust, and the choices she makes. Never easy, but one choice can change your destiny.


About The Author

Author Kate Lloyd is a passionate observer of human relationships. A native of Baltimore, Katespends time with family and friends in Lancaster County, PA, the inspiration for her novels. She is a member of the Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society. Kate and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest. Kate studied painting and sculpture in college. She’s worked a variety of jobs, including car salesman and restaurateur.

Buy The Book

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8 Places

8 Places

This week for the writers workshop I am going to write about number 5 which is eight places you’d go this summer if money weren’t an object.  It was hard for me to get it down to just eight places because I love to travel, and if I could, I would go all the time.  Here are the eight places I would go if money weren’t an object.

  1. Yellowstone-I loves Yellowstone so much that if I could pick one place to go on a vacation to every year, this would be the place.  We went there when I was younger all the time and now that I am an adult I miss going.
  2. Michigan-I went here the year I graduated from high school, and I can’t wait to go back.  I loved everything about this state.
  3. Ireland-Since I have started listening to Celtic Thunder I want to go and experience the country see the sights.
  4. Australia-I has always wanted to go here, and I am not sure why other than the fact that it looks super beautiful.
  5. New York City – I have been in the state when we went to Michigan the summer I graduated, but I want to see and experience New York City.
  6. A Cruise-I would go a cruise pretty much anywhere so that I could say I have gone on one.
  7. Florida-I want to go the Disney World along with just seeing the state.
  8. England-I love all of the history that you can see and experience in England, and I would like to just wander around and explore the country.

Where have you always wanted to go?

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Phone Case Of The Month-June Case

Phone Case Of The Month


As most of you know I am addicted to buying new cases for my iPhone 5.  While I was on the search for new fun cases I came across this cool new subscription service called “Phone Case Of The Month”.  You will get a new case for your phone every month for $10.  I received my first case and I wanted to do a post about it because I love the case and who wouldn’t like a new case every month.  Here is the the case I received for this month:

This is what the cases come in each month.

This is what the cases come in each month. (They are mailed in a bubble mailer to protect them during shipping.)

Phone Case Of  The Month-June Case

I am really happy with the case I received and I can’t wait until next month when I will get another one.  This isn’t a pattern I would buy on my own but really have enjoyed it.

What do you guys think?

FTC:I paid for this case with my own money and they have no idea I am doing this review.
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Weird MS Symptom


It is time for another MS Tuesday post.  I haven’t done one of these in a while because I haven’t had anything to talk about when it comes to my Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Like I have said before if there is ever anything you want to see in one of these posts please let me know and I would be more than happy to write about it.

Anyway today I am going to write about a weird feeling I had the last week.  I am not sure if I have ever written about the very first MS symptom that I had but this post will ties into that.  The first symptom that I know was the MS was when I was in high school and my left leg started to drag at random times and it just wouldn’t work.  I can remember going to see doctors about this and everyone thinking we were making it up but long story short this was the first time I realized that something was wrong.

So last week I had a really weird feeling in my left leg.  The best way I can describe it is by saying it felt like it was going to give out while I was walking.  I haven’t felt anything like that before and I hope I don’t ever have to feel it again.  My leg never did give out but it felt like it could at any moment.  As I write it down I guess a better way to describe it would be weakness in my leg.

The medication that I take for the MS can cause you to get a condition called PML and the signs of that can seem like an MS relapse. So my doctor tells me that if I have any weird things going on that last for more than a day to call her and they will get me in to make sure that I am not getting PML.  Thank god the feeling was gone by the next morning so I  can just chalk it up to a random MS symptom.  I am for sure going to tell her about when I see her in September after the MRI I have scheduled at the end of August.

Other than that I have been totally stable and haven’t had anything other than the headaches but I have had them for as long as I can remember so I forget most of the time that they are even there.

How have you been doing?  Is there anything about MS you would like to know?

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Things That Drive Me Insane-Idiot Drivers Part 3

Things That Drive Me Insane

I am back with another edition of Things That Drive Me Insane and as promised this one is about idiot drivers.  I swear the drivers get worse every day.  So in this post I am going to talk about motorcycles.  My brother has a motorcycle so I have listened to him talk about how people have almost killed him and I have almost killed a few of them myself when they have decided to cut me off and/or just drive like total idiots.

I know that at times it is hard to see people who are riding motorcycles but I do my best to watch for them because if I was riding a bike I would want someone to do that for me.  I am so tired of people on motorcycles thinking that they can drive between the lanes or even go on the shoulder to get around traffic.  One guy went down the shoulder instead of waiting like the rest of us to merge onto the freeway.    I have to say though that the thing I “love” the most that some of them do is to cut me off and then the next second they are cutting someone else off because they feel the need to go 100 MPH down the road.

Now onto the idiots in the cars who don’t pay attention and watch for people who are on motorcycles or who are even in other cars.  I am so tired of other drivers talking on their phones or reading books.  Although I think the thing that pisses me off the most is when I almost get killed by a cop because he is messing around on his laptop and or talking on his damn phone.

Wow this post got really off track.  Anyways lets get back to idiot drivers who don’t pay attention to others.  I wish everyone would just pay attention to driving and not everything but driving!  Anyway that is all for this post.

What do drivers do that piss you off?

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Quote Of The Week-Aeschylus


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Chance To Win. . .

Hey, blogger friends, listen up! I’ve got a chance for you to receive two free eBooks and to compete for over $800 in prizes, and it’s so easy to participate. Read on for more…

Novel Publicity is currently recruiting for one of their gigantic whirlwind tours. This time, they’re touring two books by David Litwack. The first, Along the Watchtower, is a work of contemporary fiction with a fantasy bent. The second, There Comes a Prophet, is a YA dystopian that follows in the proud tradition of such classics as 1984, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451. Review one, both, or neither. That’s right, you don’t even have to read the books to participate–although that’s definitely an option. Novel Publicity will provide your choice of a pre-formatted excerpt, interview, or guest post to make participation easy.


Tour Dates: July 22 to 26, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, YA Dystopian
Page Counts: 225, 266

The Prizes:

* $100 Best/ most creative entry (2 prizes)
* $100 Random commenter prize
* $50 Rafflecopter (2 prizes)
* $50 Random blogger award
* $50 GoodReads party prize
* $50 Facebook sharing contest
* $100 in the special author contest
* Kindle Fire in the special author contest



About Along the Watchtower

A Tragic Warrior Lost in Two Worlds…

The war in Iraq ended for Lieutenant Freddie Williams when an IED explosion left his mind and body shattered. Once he was a skilled gamer and expert in virtual warfare. Now he’s a broken warrior, emerging from a medically induced coma to discover he’s inhabiting two separate realities. The first is his waking world of pain, family trials, and remorse—and slow rehabilitation through the tender care of Becky, his physical therapist. The second is a dark fantasy realm of quests, demons, and magic that Freddie enters when he sleeps.

In his dreams he is Frederick, Prince of Stormwind, who must make sense of his horrific visions in order to save his embattled kingdom from the monstrous Horde. His only solace awaits him in the royal gardens, where the gentle words of the beautiful gardener, Rebecca, calm the storms in his soul. While in the conscious world, the severely wounded vet faces a strangely similar and equally perilous mission—a journey along a dark road haunted by demons of guilt and memory—and letting patient, loving Becky into his damaged and shuttered heart may be his only way back from Hell.


About There Comes a Prophet

But what are we without dreams?

A thousand years ago the Darkness came—a terrible time of violence, fear, and social collapse when technology ran rampant. But the vicars of the Temple of Light brought peace, ushering in an era of blessed simplicity. For ten centuries they have kept the madness at bay with “temple magic” and by eliminating forever the rush of progress that nearly caused the destruction of everything.

A restless dreamer, Nathaniel has always lived in the tiny village of Little Pond, longing for something more but unwilling to challenge the unbending status quo. When his friend Thomas returns from the Temple after his “teaching”—the secret coming-of-age ritual that binds young men and women eternally to the Light—Nathaniel can barely recognize the broken and brooding young man the boy has become. And when the beautiful Orah is summoned as well, Nathaniel knows he must somehow save her. But in the prisons of Temple City he discovers a terrible secret that launches the three of them on a journey to find the forbidden keep, placing their lives in dire jeopardy. For a truth awaits them there that threatens the foundation of the Temple. But if they reveal that truth, the words of the book of light might come to pass:

“If there comes among you a prophet saying ‘Let us return to the darkness,’ you shall stone him, because he has sought to thrust you away from the light.”

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One Random Song

Random Song

This week for the writers workshop #3 which is: Pick up your iPod or phone or whatever stores your music and press shuffle…what comes up first? Tell us about that song choice.  I have almost 2000 songs on my iPod so I went to a playlist that I listen to the most because it is a true mix of music and scrolled down and just picked on random song and the song that came up was: Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous by Good Charlotte.

This song is super old because I believe I first heard it when I was in high school.   There isn’t much to really say about this song other than I still like it and love to listen to it when it gets played on my iPod.    The music video makes me laugh and let’s be honest there really isn’t much to the song so I am not sure why it has stuck with me so long but it has and I can’t get enough of songs like this.

What random song do you love?

***As a side note I googled when the song was released and it was in the fall of 2002 so that would have been my senior year of high school.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter


Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter was an amazing book.  Once I started the book I fell in love with the characters and the authors writing.  I believe this is the first book of hers that I have read and I can’t wait to check out others that she has written.   You follow along with Madison as she is learning to sail so that she can win the towns annual regatta in memory of her brother.  There are parts of this book that were slow but for the most part the book kept my interest.  If you love cute stories about love and overcoming problems you will love this book.

About The Book

Madison’s heart has been closed for years. But one summer can change everything.

In the years since her twin brother’s tragic drowning, Madison has struggled with her ability to trust God–or anyone else, for that matter. It was her brother’s dream to win the annual River Sail Regatta in their small harbor town of Chapel Springs, Indiana. And Madison’s determined to honor his legacy by making his dream her own. Maybe then she can finally find closure.

But learning to sail means learning to swim. And her instructor is Beckett O’Reilly, a man who already has two strikes against him in Madison’s eyes. Being on the water terrifies Madison. But Beckett’s calming presence and unwavering confidence eases her fear. And as much as she’d like to deny it, the chemistry between them is electrifying.

As her feelings for him grow, a fledging faith begins to take root in her soul, as well. With Beckett, Madison feels alive for the first time in years–carefree and confident she can win the regatta, maybe even find love.

But Beckett harbors a secret that will test the limits of their love and the depth of Madison’s faith. Will their love survive summer’s challenge? And will achieving her brother’s dream give Madison the peace she desperately seeks?


About The Author

Denise lives in Indiana with her husband Kevin and their three sons. In 1996, Denise began her first book, a Christian romance novel, writing while her children napped. Two years later it was published, and she’s been writing ever since. Her books often contain a strong romantic element, and her husband Kevin says he provides all her romantic material, but Denise insists a good imagination helps too!

Learn more about Denise at

Buy The Book


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