A Grand Design by Amber Stockton

Book ReviewA Grand Design by Amber Stockton was another great book in this series of books.  There has only ever been one book in this series that I didn’t like so this book had a lot to live up to.  This book takes place in one of my favorite places and that is Mackinac Island.  I went there the summer I graduated from high school and I loved everything about it.  Anyway lets get back to the review.  This was such a sweet story and I instantly fell in love with the characters and the setting.  The one thing I didn’t really like is parts of this book seemed rushed and I also wish it could have been a little bit longer because there were parts I wished she would have gone into more details about it.  Overall this was a great book and a great addition to The Quilts Of Love series.

A Grand Design

About The Book

A getaway on a charming island may be just what Alyssa needs—if only she can let go of her past.

When Alyssa Denham, a single career woman, wins a fun getaway for two on Mackinac Island where her grandmother lives, she gives her carefree best friend a call. Together, they tour the old shops and hidden treasures of the quaint island while helping Alyssa’s grandmother piece together an heirloom quilt. Their quest gains them entrance into the homes of many longtime residents of the island, parts of the city that are otherwise off limits to tourists.

As the quilt’s story takes shape, Alyssa gains amazing insight into her grandmother’s life . . . and attracts the attention of the handsome Scott Whitman, an island resident in charge of hotel transportation. Will memories of her past keep Alyssa from letting go? Or will the quest to piece together the heirloom quilt restore Alyssa’s fractured heart—and bring healing to her entire family?

Quilts Of Love

About Quilts of Love

Quilts tell stories of love and loss, hope and faith, tradition and new beginnings. TheQuilts of Love series focuses on the women who quilted all of these things into their family histories. A new book releases each month and features contemporary and historical romances as well as women’s fiction and the occasional light mystery. You will be drawn into the endearing characters of this series and be touched by their stories.

About The Author

Amber Stockton is an award-winning author, a national speaker, and a direct-sales brand partner with Nerium International. She lives with her husband and fellow author, Stuart Vaughn Stockton, in Colorado. They have a daughter and a son, and an Aussie/retriever mix named Roxie. Three of her novels have won annual reader’s choice awards.

 Connect with Amber: website, Facebook, Twitter

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Home To Chicory Lane by Deborah Raney


Book Review

Home To Chicory Lane by Deborah Raney was a fun book to read.  I love this authors writing and I was so glad that I got to review this one.  I loved following along and Landyn tries to figure out what is going to do with her marriage.  It was great to read a book where the characters are able to work through their problems and in the end realize that they are still in love and in the end stay married.  I fell in love with the characters and I can’t wait for the next book so that I can check back in with them all.

Home to Chicory Lane

About The Book

Landyn longs for home, but her mother may have other plans.

Audrey Whitman’s dreams are coming true. Now that their five kids are grown, she and her husband, Grant, are turning their beloved family home into a cozy bed and breakfast just a mile outside of Langhorne, Missouri.

Opening weekend makes Audrey anxious, with family and friends coming from all over to help celebrate the occasion. But when Audrey’s daughter, Landyn, arrives, the U-Haul she’s pulling makes it clear she’s not just here for a few days. Audrey immediately has questions. What happened in New York that sent Landyn running home? Where was Landyn’s husband, Chase? And what else was her daughter not telling her? One thing was for sure, the Chicory Inn was off to a rocky start. Can Audrey still realize her dream and at the same time provide the comfort of home her daughter so desperately needs?

Deborah Raney

About The Author

Deborah Raney’s books have won numerous awards, including the RITA, National Readers Choice Award, HOLT Medallion, and the Carol Award, and have twice been Christy Award finalists. She and her husband, Ken, recently traded small-town life in Kansas—the setting of many of Deborah’s novels—for life in the (relatively) big city of Wichita, where they enjoy gardening, antiquing, movies, and traveling to visit four children and a growing brood of grandchildren who all live much too far away.

Find Deborah online: website, Twitter, Facebook

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Forecast by Elise Stephens

forecast buttonForecast by Elise Stephens was a fun book to read.  I loved the characters in this book and I had to keep turning the pages so that I knew what happened next.  I loved reading as the twins learned and grew and found out about some of their family history.  I don’t usually want to read books over but this is one that I wouldn’t mind reading over again.  If you love YA fiction than I would for sure check out this book because you won’t be disappointed.

Forecast Elise StephensAbout The Book

Calvin isn’t a teenager, not really; instead, he’s spent his life trying to protect his mother and sister from his alcoholic father. Calvin keeps a knife close and sleeps with one eye open, even years after his father has left the family. A summer vacation spent at their late grandfather’s estate promises him and his sister the chance to leave their problems behind.

Instead of blissful freedom, they find the old house harbors secrets at every turn, like a mysterious stone door in the forest with rumored powers to give its entrants the gift of future-seeing. When Calvin faces the return of his seemingly-reformed father, he throws himself through the door to receive the gift of foresight. But the door offers more doubt than certainty, and the future he sees is riddled with disturbing confusion. With a revenge-obsessed lawyer hunting him down and a secret society out to control him, Calvin must figure out how to stop what he’s started before he loses what he holds most dear.

As he battles the legacies of his past and the shadows of his future, Calvin must accept help from unlikely sources, give trust he never thought possible, and learn that the greatest challenges lie not in the things to come, but in the present moment.

Elise StephensAbout The Author

Elise Stephens received the Eugene Van Buren Prize for Fiction from the University of Washington in 2007. Forecast is her second novel. Her first novel Moonlight and Oranges was a quarter-finalist for the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Her short fiction has appeared in the Unusual Stories anthology, as well as in multiple journals.

She lives in Seattle with her husband where they both enjoy swing dancing, eating tiramisu, and taking in local live theater.

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Get your copy of The Lost Eyes, the prequel to Forecast for just 99 cents! 

Peru, 1889. A strange archaeological discovery and a spirited local girl draw amateur explorer Tobias Randolf into an adventure that will drag him into a legacy of magic and seeing the future.

A quest in the vein of Indiana Jones filled with intrigue, romance, ancient ruins, and a race against time.


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The Achilles Heel by Karyn Rae

the achilles heel buttonThe Achilles Heel by Karyn Rae was an amazing book.  Parts of this book seemed totally ridiculous because I am big into thinking that things in a book could really happen but I doubt any of this could really happen so that bothered me a little book.  In whole the book was amazing and I am hoping that the next book will have the same characters because I did fall in love with them.  If you love thrillers I know you will enjoy this book and I can’t wait for the next one.

Achilles-Heel-187x300About The Book

Annie Whitman’s ordinary Midwest life is shattered with the sudden death of her husband Jack. Thirty-five and failing at life as a widow, she turns to the comforts of vodka in an attempt to camouflage the cold sheets of an empty bed. The necessary inebriation helps her to cope with Jack’s death, but proves to be a deterrent in recovering any sense of normalcy. After spending several months at the bottom of a bottle, Annie stumbles upon a lockbox in the crawl space of her basement. Opening this box also opens her eyes to the likelihood that Jack Whitman might not have been the honest and doting man she married.
Annie embarks on a mission to the Virgin Islands to uncover the truth about her husband’s past and seek safety from her brother-in-law, who seems to be the captain of his own sinking ship. While settling into paradise, she meets the wickedly handsome, but surprisingly reserved Kessler Carlisle, who is struggling with his retirement from country music superstardom. With Kessler’s help, Annie discovers the heart’s uncanny ability to heal, and the possibility that dead men don’t always keep their secrets-even if they’re buried in the Caribbean waters of St. Croix.
The Achilles Heel delves into the formidable fact that everyone harbors darkness, and some will go to the depths of the ocean to keep their secrets hidden.

karyn raeAbout The Author

Karyn Rae is an emerging Romantic-Suspense author. Her debut novel, The Achilles Heel was released in May 2014. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild. Karyn resides in Missouri with her husband, son, daughter, and chocolate lab- Augusta Mae.

The first part of Karyn’s life was spent in the South, and the last fifteen years have played out in the Midwest, but she’s still holding on to a shred of her Southern roots. She is a wife, mother, daughter, and sister who has made it her mission in life to carve out a career for herself, while keeping the husband and the children happy.


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Pretty Girl by Amy Heugh

Book Review GraphicPretty Girl by Amy Heugh was a good book.  I did find that I got bogged down in the details at times but that isn’t always a bad thing.  I did fall in love with the characters and just want things to work out for both.  I think she nailed how high school is for certain people and it made the story even more real to me.  Even though I did get lost in some of the details in the book I loved the characters and I hope that she will do a follow-up book so we can see where the characters end up.

Pretty GirlAbout The Book

If there were one day that she could change it would be the day she was taken. 

After her parents’ divorce, seventeen-year-old Izzy Scott and her mother move to the old town of St. Augustine to begin a new life, a life beyond the media attention and the memories of the traumatic experiences that left an everlasting affect on their family. 

The former ballerina is trying to adjust to the outside world without suffering a panic attack and exposing who she is – all while getting through her senior year at a new school. That’s easy to say until she meets local boy Mason Winchester, a boy with a tragic past. 

Mason has a reputation for violence, but a love for motorcycles. At the age of eleven he lost his mother to cancer and from then he has been running from something, but could never really get away. 

Like any other angry teenager, he just wants to be left alone and to have nothing to do with anyone else because he believed that he had nothing to offer. That changes the moment he saw what was in the new girl eyes. 

Tragedy wasn’t new to either of their lives but among the secrets and the memories the one thing they both never excepted was to find hope. 

*This book is recommended for readers 18+ for violence, language, and some adult situations.*

Amy HeughAbout The Author

I’m a Graphic Designer living in Cape Town, South Africa.

The one thing I love more than reading a story is writing one. If I’m not at work, I’m writing about people, their problems, their emotions and how they are trying to deal with everyday life. It’s the reason why I write.

I’m a designer, an artist, avid movie goer, amateur psychologist and a secret hopeless romantic with a health dose of reality.

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Alone at Midnight: Short Horror Collection by Scott Zavoda

Book Review Graphic

Alone at Midnight: Short Horror Collection by Scott Zavoda wasn’t something I would usually pick up to read.  I am not a huge fan of horror books but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and read this book.  That being said it wasn’t my favorite book but that had nothing to do with the authors writing or the stories themselves.  The author did a great job writing this book  and I hope he will keep writing because he does have a talent.  I am glad I got to read these stories but they just weren’t the right match for me.


About The Book

Scott Zavoda delivers with hellish vividness and aching emotion. 
These seven tales will claw at your soul. Already sold as singles, “Bobby” and “Beneath the Sand”, have garnered rave reviews. They’re included along with five more gripping stories.

  • Randy Bivins gets a shocking phone call two days before Christmas. The stranger says he stole his Christmas tree. What Randy discovers is maybe a tradition worth dying for. “Oh Christmas Tree”
  • A simple fishing trip turns deadly for Danny and his disabled brother,
    Bobby. A gut-wrenching tale of two young brothers who will do anything
    for a day away from their abusive father and the constant bullying at
    school. But a wheelchair with a history might change everything.
  • Now that surfing, dating, and every aspect of a California retirement are off limits, he paints and pretends the beach isn’t so close. But traces of sand are showing up again in this Vietnam Vet’s house and that can only mean one thing. “Beneath the Sand”
  • Trapped in a morbid, bloody, decaying land, the hot breath of his pursuer lathers his neck. Jimmy wants to believe he doesn’t know where he is, but he can’t. “Castle Point”
  • Henry Conroy pilots a Navajo across the stormy Midwest with a coffin in the back. He knows the faster he gets there, the sooner that scratching sound will stop. “Fright Flight”
  • Flowers for Mom and The Calling are two more stories with an evil twist.

These are more than just horror stories. They are filled with character, emotion, and have a way of sticking inside your heart for a long time to come.


About The Author

I was born in Cleveland Ohio, tried to move away twice but the city kept sucking me back in. So here I am, family of four, an unbelievably motivating wife, and two lovely girls.

I used to hide Dean Koontz and Stephen King books inside my school text books . . . nobody knew or stopped me or said a teenager shouldn’t read those things. I earned a D in English two consecutive years and nearly flunked a subject they used to teach called handwriting. And now I write. Can you believe it?

But people always loved my stories. In fourth grade they begged me to read one I’d written for a class assignment but I was too bashful to do it. I got The Young Authors Award in Elementary school for something I’d written, though I really didn’t’ care. I was just doing the stupid assignment. 


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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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In Perfect Time by Sarah Sundin

Book Review Graphic

In Perfect Time by Sarah Sundin was another great book in this series.  If you haven’t read my reviews on the first two books you can click here and here to read them.  Anyway let’s get on to this book.  Like I said before I loved this book but I knew going into it that I would love it because of the other 2 books.  This book was hard for me to get into right at the start but once I was a few chapters into the story I didn’t want to put it down.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Kay from the other books but this book changed my mind about her.   I fell in love with her during this book and she became my favorite character.  I also loved how the wrapped up the first two books in this one because it was great to get to see what was happening with the characters from the first 2 books.  If you love historical fiction books I know you will love this book because I did and I am so glad that I got it to review.

In Perfect Time by Sarah Sundin

About The Book

Bold, sophisticated, and flirtatious, Army Air Force flight nurse Lt. Kay Jobson collects hearts wherever she flies, leaving men pining in airfields all across Europe. So how can ruggedly handsome C-47 pilot Lt. Roger Cooper be all but immune to her considerable charms? In fact, he seems to do everything he can to avoid her.

Still, as they cross the skies between Italy and southern France, evacuating the wounded and delivering paratroopers and supplies, every beat of their hearts draws them closer to where they don’t want to go.

Can they confront the fears and misunderstandings in their pasts?

Sarah Sundin

About The Author

Sarah Sundin is the author of With Every Letter and the Wings of Glory series. In 2011, A Memory Between Us was a finalist in the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Awards, and Sarah received the Writer of the Year Award at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. A graduate of UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy, she works on call as a hospital pharmacist. During WWII, her grandfather served as a pharmacist’s mate (medic) in the Navy and her great-uncle flew with the US Eighth Air Force in England. Sarah lives in California with her husband and three children.

Find Sarah online: websiteFacebookTwitter

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Australian Tea Tree Oil Review #teatreeoil

Australian Tea Tree Oil Review #teatreeoil

Australian Tea Tree Oil Review #teatreeoil

I have never used Tea Tree Oil before so when I saw that I could get a free bottle to review I knew I had to jump at the chance.  I have always heard so many great things about this product that I was excited to receive it and use some of it.  I have to say that Australian Tea Tree Oil I received in order to review was a much bigger bottle than I thought I would be.  The shipping was also super quick for me because it was shipped out of Salt Lake City and that is where I live so it was almost overnight.

I also love that this came with a ebook on 53 ways to use Tea Tree Oil which was great for me because I am new to using oils so this was super helpful.  I also loved that it gave me great ideas on how to use it in bath water and different oils to mix with it.  I did use this on my Psoriasis and it did make a few places heal but not all of it.  I had hoped that I would help it all go away but it figures I wouldn’t get that lucky.  I know that this bottle will last me over a year because of how little you have to use of the product.  I am now hooked on this product and I will always make sure that I have a bottle of it handy.

Buy Yourself A Bottle!

More Information About This Product

One of the most versatile essential oils. Naturally fight Acne, Toenail Fungus, Lice, Yeast Infections, Skin Tags, Cold Sores, Dandruff, Ringworm, Fleas, Warts, Psoriasis, and More.
Use to make your own Shampoo, Lotion, Soap, Face Cleaner, Body Wash, and Toothpaste.

Stop polluting your home and make all natural Household Cleaners, Detergents, Shower Sprays, Bathroom Disinfectants, and Kitchen Sprays.

Every large 4 ounce bottle comes with a FREE 100 PAGE GUIDE. We provide you with all the ways to use tea tree oil to improve your life, and replace harmful cleaners around the house.

Many essential oils are diluted to cut costs. We insist on the absolute best quality. We Have the Tests to Prove Our Tea Tree Oil’s Purity and Potency.

FTC:I received free product in exchange for my honest review.  I received no other compensation for this review.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Adelle’s Time by Dayna Leigh Cheser


Adelle’s Time by Dayna Leigh Cheser was a fun book to read.  I have lately been getting into reading historical fiction books and this one didn’t let me down.  This is the 3rd book in the series and I haven’t read the other two books so I was some what lost during this book in the beginning but that didn’t make me want to stop reading this book.  I really enjoyed the author’s writing and this story so much so that I am going to go back and read the first two books now that I am done with this one.  If you love historical fiction that I would for sure check this one out.


About The Book

Adelle is back!

After a year of recovery from her ill-fated romance with Theo (see Moria’s Time), and thinking about her future, Adelle returns to London, still intent on marrying a duke … with a carefully thought out plan.

First, she needs a companion to help her, and hires Lady Deanna.  Together, they take London’s social elite by storm with the dramatic introduction of Adelle’s alter ego, ‘Lady Mysterious’.  At first it seems Lord Grenfell, and then Lord Hastings, may take the bait, but then, being ‘Lady Mysterious’ proves to be too dangerous.   Realizing the price she’d pay if caught and exposed, she abandons her plan.

Instead, she enlists the aid of her Uncle Sinjin, the Duke of Devonwood, to open doors for her. At Lord Pearson’s ball, the host shuns her, but his son, Walter, finds the American farmer’s daughter entrancing.

Theo, conscripted into the Royal Navy and exiled to Australia, returns to London. Convinced the Grayson family caused his being inducted into the navy, and now a destitute and desperate deserter, he plans his revenge on the Duke of Devonwood and his brother, Adelle’s father.

After jumping ship in Istanbul, the formerly pompous youth, now transformed into a dangerous, hardened man, cons his way home, and stalks the family while learning to use a gun.  Adding burglar and murderer to his resume, he realizes the error of his ways and flees. The family hopes he’s gone for good.

After a double wedding with Moria and Simon, Walter and Adelle, with the support of their families, devote their lives to children—their own, and many London orphans.

Along the way, Adelle learns about love: the love of her family, of Walter, and of many other people in her life.  It changes her in ways she could never have imagined.

“… now there doth remain faith, hope, love – these three;
and the greatest of these is love.”


About The Author

Dayna Leigh Cheser hails from a family of writers; her mother, a non-fiction writer, and her brothers, a newspaperman, and a copywriter.

In school, she often wrote short stories to entertain her classmates, and the occasional teacher who intercepted one. This influenced one English teacher to modify her curriculum to include short story writing.

Term papers prepared Ms. Cheser for the rigors of being an author – the research and writing creativity necessary for a paper gave her a good basis for a writing career upon which to build. She’s found that researching historical facts and people to weave into her stories is an exciting and important part of the process.

While she has many passions, her first love has always been books, which evolved into writing.  Much of her young life was spent in the town library, and her parents despaired her being an under-the-covers-at-night-with-a-flashlight reader.

A casual writer since childhood, it wasn’t until 2002 that she was driven to finally write a book. On a ‘graveyard shift’ shift for eighteen months, she had the time to write for several hours every night. The result was her first book. Today, with three books published and two more in the series due out soon, she’s busy all the time.

Her life before her retirement didn’t allow the time required to be a professional writer.  Since retiring, however, she’s loved the time she now has to write to her heart’s content.

Readers enjoy Ms. Cheser’s books because they are great stories, with by well-developed characters. Not a ‘formula writer’, when she writes, the story is free to progress as it will, then she works with it until it becomes a reality.

Author Links



Author Fan Page

Personal Facebook  (Julie Jordan)

Google+  (Julie Jordan)



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Shake The Crave Review


I was recently contacted by Trusted Health Products about reviewing one of their new products called Shake The Crave.  I did review their product called OraMD and if you want to check that review out you can click here.  They sent me one vanilla and one chocolate single serving packet.  They wanted to just review the taste of them so I didn’t need more than the 2 packets to know how it tasted and if I like what it tasted like.  Also the shipping was super quick for me so that was a nice thing as well.  Anyway lets get into what I thought of each of the flavors.


I was hesitant to try the vanilla one because vanilla isn’t a flavor that I really enjoy.  I did try it and I have to say I didn’t like it at all.  I also gave some to my grandma because I wanted to make sure it just wasn’t me but she didn’t enjoy it either.  I am not sure what it was about it but it almost didn’t taste like vanilla at all.  It had a weird taste and definitely wasn’t the flavor for me.


Now the chocolate one was a totally different story because I tend to love anything that tastes like chocolate.  I liked this one because to me it almost tasted like dark chocolate and I could eat dark chocolate every day.  I loved this flavor and if I were to buy this product this is the one that I would buy.

The one thing about either of them that I didn’t really care for was the fact that even when you use a blender to mix them up it is still grainy when you drink them.  I have a weird thing when drinks do that but other than that I really enjoyed the chocolate one and would buy it if I were looking for something this.

Here are few benefits & features of Shake The Crave:

  • Thick and creamy – tastes like an old-fashioned, hand-dipped milk shake from a small-town creamery.
  • Experience a “new normal” in the way you feel.
  • Feel more satisfied and full longer.
  • Boost energy levels and feeling of well-being.
  • Great to drink at breakfast or lunchtime, as a healthy snack or quick meal on the go.
  • 100% pure ingredients.
  • One bottle has 15 delicious servings – about one week’s supply at two shakes per day.
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, preservatives, or isolated/synthetic vitamins.
  • No gluten, soy, egg, GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, fillers or binders.
  • Available exclusively from Trusted Health Products.
  • Good source of protein.
  • Good source of calcium.
  • Low fat – only 0.5 grams.
  • Low sodium
  • 120 Calories

If you want more information please check out their website and social media sites here:

Shake the Crave on Facebook!

Shake the Crave website

Trusted Health Products website

Trusted Health Products on Facebook!

OraMD on Facebook!

Try Shake the Crave vanilla and chocolate shake mix! For a limited time, the manufacturer is willing to offer my readers 2 FREE sample packets of Shake the Crave vanilla or chocolate shake mix. They said they would love to have our readers try out Shake the Crave and agreed to send the 2 sample packets FREE if our readers would pay a minimal shipping and handling charge of $4.95. This is a one-time only offer! Click here to get your 2 FREE sample packets now!


FTC:I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest review.
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