Monthly Book Reviews – July 2017

I am so glad that June is over and we are finally halfway done with this year.  I had never understood when people said that they can’t wait for a year to end because it had been such a rough year.  I now know what they mean because I am so over this year and if I get sick one more time this year I am going to lose it.  Anyway, that is enough complaining let’s get into the reviews that I have coming up this month.

July 5thStray by Joni Johnson

July 8thHis Guilt by Shelley Shepard Gray

July 12th-My Daughters Legacy by Mindy Starns Clark & Leslie Gould

July 13th– Of The Grid by Randy Denmon

July 19th-The Devils Cold Dish by Eleanor Kuhns

July 20th-Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery

July 24th-A Letter From Lancaster County by Kate Lloyd

July 25th-Here and Gone by Haylen Beck

July 27th-Boardwalk Summer by Kimberly Fisk

Those are all of the book reviews that I have for July.  As always if I find a book that I want to read I may add it to this list.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you all back next week.

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