One Million Dollars

One Million Dollars

I received a email from NaBloPoMo that had blog post ideas for the whole month of November and this one was the prompt for November 1st: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?  I loved this post prompt so I wanted to write a post about it and tell everyone what I would do with one million dollars and 24 hours.

I would like to say that I would donate part of the money to some charity but I know that I would never do that because at times I wonder what charities actually do with the money.  So I know the first thing I would do is by a new MacBook Pro and also an iMac because I have been missing my laptop this year and I have always wanted an iMac.

I also would probably go buy a new car and a condo/townhouse.  I don’t want a house because I don’t have the energy or time to keep up a yard.  I also don’t care if I share walls with a neighbor.  To me being out of my grandparents house is what I really want/need.  I could go on about that but for now I am just going to leave it at the fact that I want to get out but can’t because of bills and what I make at my job.  I have no idea what type of car I would get because the cars I am liking  right now aren’t super good in the winter.

I think I would probably also go and buy clothes and things like that because god knows I love to shop and if I had the money I would be shopping all the time.  Other than that I can’t really think of anything that I would do with the money.  I guess if I had left over money I would donate it to Villalobos because I would love to be able to help out the pitbulls that she has there and I love everything about the show that they are on.

So that is all that I would do with the money.  What would you do with one million dollars and 24 hrs?

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Day 6-20 Of My Favorite Things

Here is a list of 20 of my favorite things!

  1. My girls-Elinore & Sylvia
  2. Squirrel
  3. My Mac Book
  4. The internet
  5. My family
  6. My job (It isn’t really my favorite thing but I am thankful I have one right now)
  7. My bed!!!!
  8. My movies that I have watched 100 times
  9. People that are special to me!
  10. My pretty car
  11. My Bloggy BFF’s
  12. Getting a divorce from a loser lol
  13. My daughter even though I placed her for adoption
  14. The good days I have with the MS even though they don’t happen very often
  15. Dog The Bounty Hunter
  16. The Deadliest Catch
  17. Music
  18. Dr Pepper
  19. People that are so willing help others
  20. All of my things!

I haven’t written an update in awhile on the MS and life in general so I think today is the day.  The MS has gotten super bad lately and I am not sure what is going to happen with it all.  They have started me on  a new drug and I am not sure what I think about it yet.  I mean yes it does work but at the same time it has scary side effects and it is super addicting.  So we will see how long I stay on it.  I am not holding out to much hope for it though.  The first time I took it I spent the half the next day in bed because I was so drugged but on the other hand it is the only thing right now that is taking the pain away.  So like everything else time will tell.
Josh has gotten on my last damn nerve!  He has finally pushed to far and I can’t wait to file the papers and be done with his dumb ass.  He will never get what he has done and he will never understand why I will never talk to him again.  Once everything is done my number will be changed and he can go away for good.  Even if he at some point grows a brain it will be to late.  I know he will get his and that is what makes things so great for me.  Karma is a bitch and I can’t wait til his slaps him in the face!!!!!!!

Damn Curbs!

This is the first time I have done this MeMe but I figure why not.  I have a lot of stories that I can write about so this should be too hard.  Today’s story took place when I was 15 and learning to drive.  Let me just tell you that I thought driving was dumb at the time and I didn’t want to learn because I didn’t want to drive.  I wasn’t the kind of kid that was super excited to learn to drive.  Anyway now on to the story.  
My grandma took me out for the first time.  She took me to an elementary school because it was on the weekend and I could go slow and what not.  So we get to the school and we switch places and I start to drive.  Lets just say I was super nervous and it didn’t help that my little brother was in the backseat.  We were coming up to a curve and lets just say at that point I thought the car would turn itself I guess.  So I didn’t turn the wheel and I hit the curb but not only did I hit the curb I also took a chunk out of the tire and they had to buy a new tire because I ruined one.  This fateful day was the day I started having issues with curbs that I still have today.  The rims I have on my car now one of them is all beat up because of hitting a curb at work.  My other car I was always running into curbs.  
There is my story!  I hope it gave you a good laugh.  Have a great Tuesday!



Well I have been pulled over twice and got in a car accident once.  Lets just say I hate cops and I especially hate female cops!  The first time I got pulled over was by a female cop and she gave me a ticket for speeding.  Now I probably was speeding but I think she just gave me the ticket because I was cuter than she was!  The second time I got pulled over was because I was in the wrong lane.  I was trying to make a left turn and I was in the middle lane waiting to turn.  Well there was a minivan trying to make a left turn the other way but she wasn’t in the right lane.  So I went to turn around her and a car went around her and I had to stop so I was in the on coming lane.  He didn’t give me a ticket because he knew it wasn’t my fault but I was still pissed off about it.
The accident was my fault and that is all I am going to say about that.  I wasn’t paying attention and rear ended another car.  Not my proudest moment but I did have a lot going on.
Now my best friend and I have a lot of what we call car moments.  I am going to share one of them.  We were driving back to work on or lunch and a guy kept staring at us.  This happens all the time and needless to say this day Misti had had enough of it.  She looked at me and said the next time he looks at me I am going to wave at him.  Well he looked over and she waved at him.  Just as she did that traffic started moving and he was in the right turn lane.  He was so shocked that she had waved at him that he just about ran into a cement barrier.  I shouted he almost died and we both burst out laughing.  We have so many of them but that was one of the funniest that I can think of!

What are some of your funny car moments?  
Have a great Monday!

Football Weekend & My Trip To The Lovely Town Of Fillmore

Well Saturday was filled with a lot of driving and two football games.  I took Misti to Fillmore to pick of Ron’s dog Coco.  Ron’s baby’s mom had taken her and was going to take care of her but it didn’t work out so we had to drive and meet her half way.  It was a totally long drive and needless to say it really hurt my back and I wasn’t excited to make the trip.  Thank god that the dog was really good for the most part but that is a hell of a long drive just to turn around and come right back home.  I am not complaining because it had to be done but it still was super long and lets just say my car isn’t the most comfortable car when it comes to long drives.  This was the first long drive since my accident and the car still rides great!  Now if I could only make the seats more comfortable.  I guess any car has it good and bad points to it.  Over all it could have been even long and a worse trip that what it was.  One time I really wanna to drive to Las Vegas and take a weekend off there.  I know this probably won’t ever happen but I am going to keep dreaming about it to happen!
Now for my football games.  Lets just say they both one but the Utes didn’t do that well at all.  They need to find a quarterback that doesn’t get as shaken as theirs does when he misses a throw.  I am sure with time he will become a great quarterback but it is hard watching them struggle like they do.  BYU end up winning their game I think the score was like 59 to 21.   Today my Colts play so I will post an update tomorrow on that game!  I have decided that I love football and I hate when they are playing football!  It makes me happy to watch it and to see my times win.  This is the reason that I watch the Colts play!!!! He is a great player and used to play for the Y.

Thurday Update. . .

It has been a super long week to say the least.  It seems like this week has been pure hell for me!  Nothing has gone right I feel lost and confused to say the least.  I am still depressed and I am not sure why I am feeling this way still.  I guess it is just my brain hating me. 
I got to go and get my car yesterday!!!  I was excited to get it back and able to see and make sure that they fixed it right for me.  Now it was nothing but a hassle when I showed up to get her.  First off she wasn’t ready yet and to top it off the issue with the insurance company hadn’t been resolved yet.  So I had to pay more than my deductible.  Now I have to see if I will really get reimbursed for the extra amount I had to pay.  I am doubting that I will ever see that money again.  The body shop does great work but the are lacking in the customer service to say the least.  So I was really frustrated with them for not having my car done and making me pay more than what I should have but that is life I guess.  You can’t even tell that it has been wrecked so that is nice.  At some point I am going to have the whole thing repainted to cover up the scratches that are on it.
Work has been a joke all week long.  We have been super busy and it seems like I can’t get anything do at all.  I keep trying but once I get one project done I end up getting five more.  I haven’t been this busy in a very long time.  I hate it when  I can’t get things done it makes it super stressful for me but I guess at some point it will all get done.  I am trying not to stress about it anymore.  I will just do what I can get done and not worry about the rest of it anymore.
The girls are all sorts of confused on the weather and why it is so cold out there.  I wouldn’t let them go outside yesterday when I got home and they were pissed off to say the least.  Oh well the will get over it soon enough.  They have to eat a lot more to put fat on for the winter or they won’t be going outside at all during the winter.  I know they will start eating like crazy and put on some more weight.  I love when they are little pigs during the winter time.  The look so cute when the put on a little bit extra weight.  I am sure Sylvia doesn’t have to put much on because of all the damn fur that she has.