One Million Dollars

One Million Dollars

I received a email from NaBloPoMo that had blog post ideas for the whole month of November and this one was the prompt for November 1st: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?  I loved this post prompt so I wanted to write a post about it and tell everyone what I would do with one million dollars and 24 hours.

I would like to say that I would donate part of the money to some charity but I know that I would never do that because at times I wonder what charities actually do with the money.  So I know the first thing I would do is by a new MacBook Pro and also an iMac because I have been missing my laptop this year and I have always wanted an iMac.

I also would probably go buy a new car and a condo/townhouse.  I don’t want a house because I don’t have the energy or time to keep up a yard.  I also don’t care if I share walls with a neighbor.  To me being out of my grandparents house is what I really want/need.  I could go on about that but for now I am just going to leave it at the fact that I want to get out but can’t because of bills and what I make at my job.  I have no idea what type of car I would get because the cars I am liking  right now aren’t super good in the winter.

I think I would probably also go and buy clothes and things like that because god knows I love to shop and if I had the money I would be shopping all the time.  Other than that I can’t really think of anything that I would do with the money.  I guess if I had left over money I would donate it to Villalobos because I would love to be able to help out the pitbulls that she has there and I love everything about the show that they are on.

So that is all that I would do with the money.  What would you do with one million dollars and 24 hrs?

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