I Always Wanted To Be . . . 21


This week for the writers workshop I am going to be talking about the age I always wanted to be.  As long as I can remember I wanted to be 21 because I figured that once I was 21 I could do everything so there was no reason to get any older.  Now that I am almost 29 I still want to only be 21.

Best part of me wanting to be 21 was that when I turned 21 I didn’t drink in fact I didn’t drink until I was 22 and now I still don’t really drink because I hate the taste and I hate the way it makes me feel.  To this day I am not sure why I wanted to be 21 but I did.  I still remember my birthday that year because it was a few months after I had my daughter and it was still a rough time for me.

It is crazy to me how everyone always wants to be different ages.  One of my old friends always wanted to be 22 and she was never sure why.  I have to wonder what makes us want to be certain ages and what not.

What age did you always want to be?

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  1. I think 21 is just that magic number we want to get to, because it’s like you’re finally an adult! Me personally, I like to say I’m still 29….even though I’m several years past that now!
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  2. I say 29! Or 40 – I loved 40.

  3. I liked 21, but it also didn’t live up to it’s hype for me. I’m not a big drinker either, and even if I were, my husband was well over the legal age when I turned 21, so it wasn’t as though it were difficult to have a drink if I was so inclined. I think certain ages must signify something to us when we’re younger, for some reason. I remember thinking 16 was some sort of magic number, but I hated being 16 and you couldn’t pay me to go back now, either!

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