8 Of The Best Reasons To Live In Utah

reasons to live in utah

This was a prompt from the writers workshop a few weeks ago and I wanted to write about it because I always complain about living in Utah but there are some great things about living here as well.  I am going to list a few of the reasons that I love living in here and why.

  1. I love that we have all four seasons.  I know I always complain about how hot summers are and how cold it is in the winter but it is so nice to have all 4 seasons and not just one or 2 of them.
  2. It is super pretty here almost all year around because of the changing seasons.
  3. I love the mountains and I can’t imagine living in the midwest where it is basically flat.
  4. I love all the different things you can see and do in Utah.
  5. For the most part I love the majority of the people who live here.  There are some people who I can’t stand but for the most part people aren’t to bad here.
  6. I love that I am not looked at funny when people find out I chose not to drink alcohol.  I did drink at one time but now I really don’t see the point in it.
  7. I love going to Temple Square at Christmas time and looking at all the lights they put up.
  8. The last thing reason I love living here is  I am comfortable being here since I was born & raised here.  I know that is a silly reason but for me that is a huge thing because I hate change.

Those are 8 reasons I love living in Utah.  Why do you love the state you live in?

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Spring In Utah

Spring In Utah

Lets just say that spring in Utah totally sucks ass.  The pictures I am going to post were taken on a few different days so that I could show you just what the weather in Utah is like in the spring. The following two pictures were taken on Friday during my lunch.IMG_0166c



I shouldn’t have been shocked that it was snowing because that is pretty much how spring in Utah goes.  It will go from freezing to boiling over night.  The next picture was taken on Saturday.  I meant to take a picture first this when the snow was still on the ground but I didn’t get around to it until the snow had started to melt.  We had about 8 inches or so on our driveway when I woke up.



So basically spring in Utah is crazy and you never really know what you are going to get.  I hate spring and fall because I feel like I have to change clothes every 2 hours because the weather and temperature changes so much.  It has been raining and cold this week but it is better than snow so I will take it.

What is spring like where you live?

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