10 Favorite Snacks From My Childhood!

10 Favorite Snacks

This was a prompt from the writers workshop a few weeks ago and I still wanted to publish the post.  So the prompt for this post is: make a list of your 10 favorite snacks growing up.  As I am thinking about snacks I loved as a child are mostly candy.  I have found pictures of the things I am talking about so you can see them if you have never heard of them before.

  1. Haribo Gummi Frogs-I loved these are through high school and they are still something that I love to this day.042238472556_1
  2. Haribo Gold-Bears-To me these are just classic candy and something that I love to eat to this day.haribo
  3. Ring PopsEbay_035
  4. Trolli Brite Crawlerstrolli
  5. Pop RocksMain image
  6. Blow Pops4569-DEFAULT-m
  7. Laughy Taffy-the watermelon kind with the seedstumblr_mwfyk4ynK61sbamp3o1_500
  8. Peachie O’s778bb0d99c1b52cabd2ede59179b4a04
  9. Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips8264548_orig
  10. GooGoo Cluster Ice Cream22810WFGOOGOOCLUSTER

I just listed junk food snacks because that is what I think of when I think of snacks but I did grow up loving almost all veggies & fruits so I ate tons of them as well.

What snacks did you love as a child?


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  1. Sadly, many of the snacks I enjoyed as a child are not longer made such as Keebler pizzaria chips, Dunkaroos, and the Orbitz drink. Am I showing my age here? 😉

  2. Margaret, Oh my gosh! We are about the same age (I’m in my early 30s), and I find myself thinking back to all these junk food snacks from my childhood too! I was totally in love with Cheddar Sour Cream Ruffles, Ring Pops, Peachie O’s, Blow Pops, and Brite Crawlers! I forgot about those little worms!! I am loving your blog! Can’t wait to keep reading! Thanks for sharing 🙂 <3 Holly
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    • Margaret Tidwell says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I still get some of the things on the list because even now I still love them!

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