MS Tuesday-75%

***This is was originally posted on October 12, 2010.  I am going to be re-posting some of my MS posts because I have gotten so many new followers and I want to share them with my new readers.

I found a stat during invisible illness week that really shocked me but in the same sense it made total sense to me. It said that 75% of marriages where one person has a chronic illness end in divorce. I am shocked by this but I also know it is true because I am one of the 75%. When I worked at the nursing home I saw it all to often. Peoples spouses would leave them once they got sick. On the other had I also saw the husbands that stuck around. I was always in awe of the ones that stayed with there spouses.

It makes me sad that people are so shallow that they leave when things are going as they hoped. It hurts me because I was 100% honest with my husband before we got married and once he finally saw that I was sick he left a few months later. I would never leave someone because they are sick.   I know there are a few good men out there who leave but more than not they walk away.

The reason I am not dating is because I don’t want to deal with another person getting scared and walking away.  Since the MS is basically invisible well at least right now it is people can’t understand that I am sick.  Once they do finally see that I am sick they leave because they “can’t” deal with it.  I just irritates me that so many people are scared by something that affects me but I can’t change that about people.  I know this post is all over the place but it was hard for me to organize my thoughts on this post.

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Utah Cancer Specialists In SLC. . . Totally Suck!!!!!

I am completely amazed at the lack of customer service that doctors offices now have.  I was totally amazed how I was treated at the place I had to go for my infusion today.  I have never been treated so badly before in my life.  This post may be long but I have to go into detail so you will all get the full effect.

I was already mad that I had to go and see one of their doctors but I got over it but because of how good the MRI was I knew I had to jump through the hoops they wanted me to do in order to get the infusions.  So after I sat in the waiting room for like 20 mins or so with everyone staring at me they took me back to a room.  On the way back they wanted to weigh me and get my height.  I am not going to give out the weight but lets just say that since I was lasted measured I have shrunk from 5’4″ to 5’3″!!!  What in the hell is up with that!!!!!!!  I thought you didn’t shrink until you where like 70 or so.  Guess by the time I am 70 I will be 1′ lol.  Anyways lets get back on track.  So they take me back to see one of their dumb doctors and lets just say she is a major bitch!  Her and I argued over what my car entailed.  Like I haven’t been doing this for months as it is. 

After I got done with her I went and waited for them to call me back into the infusion room which took another 20 mins or so.  Let me remind everyone that I still had to go back to work after this was all done at it was almost 11:30 at this point.  I was supposed to be back to work at around one and the infusion takes about 2 and a half hours.  Anyway when they took me back they put in the IV and then drew the labs they needed to do.  Usually at this point the hook up and medication right away and I don’t have to sit there are wait for the labs to come back.  Well even after telling the doctor I don’t have to wait they still made me sit there even long while they ran my labs! 

The nurse I had was a idiot that didn’t brush her teeth.  I love when nurses don’t listen to me when I say I don’t want something done.  The infusion in and of itself went really well which was good but the reaction I usually have during the infusion just happened later that night.  After I left there I called Tysabri and told them I won’t go back there and they need to find me a new place to go in order to get my infusion every month.

I guess what made me the maddest was the fact that they didn’t listen to me about my care and what I wanted done.  I hate when people in the medical field think I am a total idiot.  Hell if she didn’t believe me then she should have called my doctor and found out I was right!  The nurse was also not a nice person to me.  They all acted put out that I was there.  Like I really wanted to be there with a bunch of cancer patients.