How I Beat The Summer Heat

Beating The Heat

This week for the writers workshop I am going to write about #4 which is how I beat the summer heat.  This year the temperatures of been super high and I am not sure if you know but heat and MS don’t mix well.  Here a few things that I do to try and stay cool and not over heat.

  •  I try to only go out in the mornings and if I do have to go out later I won’t go out in the afternoon because it is too hot.
  • When I am leaving work at 5 I always have a ice pack that I keep in the freezer at work and I use that while I am waiting for my AC to cool down my car.
  • I always try and wear light colors.  I am sure it would help if I didn’t always layer my shirts but I can’t wear shirts without a tank top underneath them.

Those are the things I do to try and beat the heat.  The biggest thing I do though is stay inside and out of the heat as much as possible.  During the summer I really am a homebody because I just avoid the heat as much as I can.

What do you do to avoid the heat?

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