A Small Multiple Sclerosis Update

MS Update-August 2016

I saw my neurologist on August first so I figured I would just write down how I have felt so that I have a record of it. Nothing changed when I saw her, but I haven’t felt good for months. I can’t remember the last time I felt this bad for as long as I have lately. I am sure it was like this before I started Tysabri, but I have been on it now for about seven years, so I don’t remember how I used to feel. I know part of it is the heat and another part I am sure is because of stress. I started a new job in January, so it has been an adjustment in that sense, and I just moved to a different part of the company, so I know have to learn all new stuff which can be stressful at times.

I have been having severe headaches lately, and my sleep has been the worst it has ever been. I only sleep for an hour or two a night which I know is also contributing to my headaches. I know that there is nothing that can be done to make me sleep better because I have yet to find a medication that will help me sleep, so I just have to make due. I am so glad that I have a job and insurance, so I can’t complain about the stress of everything. I know I will learn whatever I need to know soon enough, and the people that I am working with are so friendly and helpful.

I also feel like my eye site is getting worse, and I find that I am starting to read more digital books because I can make the font bigger, so I don’t have to strain my eyes as much. I have to schedule an MRI for October, so I have to wonder if the disease is still stable. Those the few things that I wanted to share so I will have another small update after I get my next MRI and once I have those results.

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Headache. . .


Yesterday I wanted to write about something that gave me a headache for the Writers Workshop but I already had a book review that had to be posted that day so I figured I would post this today.  I wanted to write about this because I have had a headache for a month now in fact we are coming up on 2 months with the same headache.  I can’t blame this headache on just one thing so I am going to make a list of things that I think are causing it.

  1. The weather has been super crazy lately and it is always changing.
  2. The fact that since it has been warmer some days my cats have started to shed and I am allergic to them. (This one is my own fault and I know it but they are my kids so I won’t get rid of them)
  3. We are putting in new flooring in the living room, dining room & hallway.  My girls usually sleep on the couch and chair in the living room but since it has been torn up they have been sleeping on my bed almost all night so that is putting tons more cat hair and what not in my room.
  4. My Multiple Sclerosis medication can cause sinus infections and I am prone to have them as well.  I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection but I know that going to a doctor for it isn’t going to do anything so I just take decongestants and wait it out.
  5. Stress from work has also be huge problem lately as well.
  6. I also have been eating too much gluten and I am paying for it big time.  I will do really well some days and then other days and weeks all I want to eat is things that have gluten in them.  I am being kind of stubborn and still eating things I know that will make my head hurt but I am tired of not having what I enjoy.
  7. The final thing that has been giving me a headache  is all of the reading that I have had to be doing because of all the book reviews that I have coming up in the next two months or so.

Those are the things that are causing this almost 2 month-long headache.  I know there are probably tons of other things that aren’t helping as well.

What gives you a headache?

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