One Choice

I want to start out by saying that this post is all over because I really struggled with finding the words to say what  I am thinking.  I hate that  I can’t find the right words to say what I am thinking but this is as good as it is going to get.

There is one choice that I have made in my life that changed the course of my life.  I look back now and it amazes me that once choice can change the whole path of your life.  The choice that changed my life was when I got pregnant.  Had I not gotten pregnant I would be a RN right now and probably working on getting my Masters in nursing but I am no where near there.  I also am so glad that I am I did get pregnant because I has turned me into who I am today.  I may not be where I thought I would be job wise but I am where I need to be in so many other ways.  By getting pregnant and placing my daughter for adoption I know just how strong I am and I know I can do anything that needs to be done no matter how hard it seems at the time.  I can’t even imagine how different I would be if I hadn’t been through what  I have been through.  At the time I thought that my life was over and that it was the worst thing that could have happened.   In the end it was just what I needed in life.  I am such a better person since I have gone through everything the past 7 years.  I can’t even imagine what I would be like if I hadn’t been through everything.

I have learned so much and I also know so much more about myself and what I can deal with.  I now know that I can pretty much deal with anything and get through anything that is put in front of me.  It is amazing to me how life can be so different from what you thought it would be and yet I know that this is where I am meant to be.  I know that I was meant to go through what I have because with out going through everything I never would have learned how the world works.

Before I got pregnant I didn’t know how cruel the world can be and the struggles that others go through.  Going through the adoption process opened my eyes to the struggles of others and how things are in rest of the world.  I have found that as much as I love nursing I feel that I am meant to work in the adoption world.  I guess when it comes down to it that by getting pregnant it made me grow up and has made me into the person I am now.

What is the one choice that changed your life?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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A-Z All About Me

A. age :: 26

B. bed size :: Queen

C. chore you hate :: All of them

D. dogs :: Two (they don’t stay with me but that is another post)

E. essential start to your day :: Seeing my kitties

F. favorite color :: Purple

G. gold or silver :: Silver

H. height :: 5’3″

I. instruments you play :: none 

J. job title :: Receptionist but I do a little bit of everything

K. kids :: 1-Placed her for adoption when I was 20.

L. live :: Salt Lake City, Utah

M. maiden name :: Tidwell

N. nicknames :: Bunnie

O. overnight hospital stays :: When I had my daughter

P. pet peeve :: depends on the day and today it is people that get mad at me when whoever they want to talk to isn’t in the office when they call.

Q. quote :: “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!”

R. righty or lefty :: righty

S. siblings :: 1 Brother 1 half sister 1 step sister

T. time you wake up :: abou t6:30 during the week.
U. university attended :: Weber State Univeristy, U of U & SLCC
V. vegetables you dislike:I can’t think of one

W. what makes you run late :: When I wake up late and have to wash my hair

X. x-rays you’ve had :: Dentist, Arm, Back, I have MRI’s every 6 months on my Brain and back

Y. yummy food :: Anything really

Z. zoo animal favorite :: Tigers! Registered & Protected