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Mind Over Bullies by D.K. Smith was an interesting book to read.  I had a hard time getting into this book and I am not 100% sure why.  I love that he tackled this topic and wrote a book about bullying because not many authors even touch this subject.  I had a hard time reading this book because there are parts where it switched characters and it would take me a minute to figure out who was talking and things like that.  Other than that I did like this book and I think it is a book that all teenagers should have to read because it might help cut down on the amount of bullying that happens as kids are growing up today.  This book was an easy read and even though it was a bigger book it didn’t take my that long to finish it.  If you have teenagers I think you should have them read this book.

Mind Over Bullies

About The Book

People that feel bullied just need to toughen up. That’s what Margo Rios used to think. Margo is pretty, popular and unsympathetic to just how intense bullying can get. As a counterfeiting plot sweeps through the city of Oak View however, life for Margo changes dramatically.

With the mystery unfolding, an unlikely group of heroes emerges. Bullied teens love them, the police hate them and bullies fear them. Together they will try to get to the bottom of the counterfeiting mystery while ingeniously teaching a few bullies a lesson or two along the way… that is, if the police don’t catch them first.

“Mind Over Bullies: A MOB Forms” follows the lives of several teens chronicling the emotional and psychological changes they experience as a result of their encounters with bullying. The lives of the characters play out while an elaborate counterfeiting mystery unfolds making for a fast paced, action-packed read.

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Read the first three chapters!   http://tiny.cc/MOBPreview

About The Author

A 38 year old native of Los Angeles, Mr. Smith began his writing career after getting news that he would soon become an uncle. Wanting to create stories and characters for his expected niece, he created the children’s book series “Sock n Boots Adventures.” The two characters (three year old Sock and five year old Boots) began to make names for themselves, generating downloads in countries around the world.

When asked about his motivation to tackle the subject of bullying in a 108,000 word novel Smith said, “One day I came across a story in the news about a young girl that jumped in front of a subway train after weeks of bullying. As I investigated further, I was shocked at the number of similar stories I encountered. Bullycide, the news was calling it. I thought, wow, what if these young people had been shown that the pain of bullying can be handled without hurting themselves or someone else.”

Ultimately it was thoughts of his now four nieces and three nephews dealing with bullying as they get older that weighed heavily on the decision for Smith to write the story about bullying. “I recognize that the characters and situations in the book may not represent every bullying situation and that realistically the book won’t change the world, but I do sincerely hope that it sends a subtle message about there being life after bullying. We’ll just have to see how the public receives it,” Smith said.

A lover of mystery and espionage stories, Smith is a fan of everything James Bond. A favorite scenario is to see a character in an impossible situation get out of it at the last second or have the odds against them and see he or she turn the tables. Acting on the love of espionage and mystery, Smith has a new novel in the works centering on a James Bond-type character of his own creation.


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  1. D.K. Smith

    Hi Margaret,

    Thank you for taking the time to review Mind Over Bullies. The subject of bullying has become a worldwide monster. I truly hope people will take your advice and take a look at the story, not only for the message, but for some entertainment as well.

    Here is a link to a clip fom a recent internet radio interview we did on the subject of the media and bullying: tinyurl.com/dksmith

    Thank you again!


    Awesome blog you’ve got going here! Keep up the great work!

    D.K. Smith

  2. cause it sounds interesting

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