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2.) Name a place in the world that you never want to visit?

I am not sure if you know but I love to travel.  I love exploring new places and eating different foods.  That being said there are several places that I would never want to travel to.  I think the place that would have to take 1st for me is India.One PlaceHere are a few of the reasons why I would never want to travel to India:

  • To many people for me.  I hate crowds and there always seems to be so many people there and I don’t think I can handle it.
  • It seems dirty.  People I know that have gone there say that it has a very distinct smell.
  • I always hear about people getting sick when they are there.  Since they don’t have the same standards that we do in America it would be worried about getting sick from eating the food or drinking water.

Those are just 3 reasons that came to mind right away.  It just doesn’t seem like anyplace I would like to travel too.

Where is your one place?

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Margaret Tidwell

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  1. I guess India is not for everyone when it comes to ideal travel destinations but it’s good to know what life is like for people all over the world. It should help us to appreciate our own surroundings and daily blessings.
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    • Margaret Tidwell says:

      Ya I am aware that people need to know what goes on in the world and how other people live. I have been raised to know what goes on and it just comes down to the fact that since I would paying for the vacation I wouldn’t want to to go there. It isn’t because I think I am better than they are because I know for a fact that no one is better than anyone.

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