MS Tuesday-Depression & Anxiety

I am going to talk about depression and anxiety which are two  Multiple Sclerosis symptoms that have be living with for the past couple of years.  Growing up never had an issue with anxiety and what issue I did have with depression I was able to control and I didn’t have to take medication for it.

About two years ago I had to get on medication for depression because I literally could barely function at work and I was always on edge.  After I started the medication it helped but I noticed I could no longer handle things that I used to love to do.

For example I have always loved being alone.  My grandparents went on a cruise for 10 days last month and I was so anxious because I was home alone most of the time.  The day after they left I literally sat in my room because I was so anxious.  I also found myself checking the door locks a hundred times where as when they are home I never check them unless I have to get up and let one of the cats in.

I believe that in my case my depression and anxiety are cause by the MS.  I know that not everyone with MS will have both of these symptoms and that some people who have these symptoms but not have MS.

Before I started on Tysabri when I would have MRI’s to check and see what the disease was doing I always had active lesions but I rarely had any symptoms.  I believe that while I at the time didn’t show any outward symptoms that those active lesions are what caused my anxiety and depression issues that I currently struggle with.

Right now I take Zoloft for the depression and I don’t treat the anxiety because I have learned how to talk myself through it.  I also have found that removing myself from the situation that is causing the anxiety is a great way for me to cope with it as well.

I received the book called “It’s Not All in Your Head: Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings, and Multiple Sclerosis” by Patricia Farrell.  I can’t remember the site where I was signed up and got the book for free but from the little bit of it that I have read it can’t wait to read more of it.

I would recommend the book to anyone with MS or anyone that has a family member or friend with MS.  Once I am finished with it I will for sure write a review and I think I will give it away to someone with MS.

In the end I want people to know that is you have developed anxiety or depression that you aren’t alone and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  At first it was hard for me to ask the doctor about it and start the medication but the more I learn about MS and what it can cause I understand why I have had to go on medication.

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