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 This week I chose to write about #5.) I have no idea where the following message originated from, but it’s been floating around Facebook for the past week…who does it make you think about?:

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This post started out talking about my husband and how he made me feel but I realized that this is something I need to work on and I need to make time for people I care about.  I find it funny that in trying to write a post about how doing this made me feel I can see how I make people feel when I do the same thing.  That being said I hope you enjoy the post and will stick around for me change!

I also have to admit that I am not great at putting out the effort to stay in peoples lives so they know I care.  I get so busy doing everything that I do that I don’t make the time and then when I am finally done for the day and lay down it is all I can do to operate the remote control but I am going to get better at this because I have to!!!!!  I can’t expect people to do all the work.  I think I am going to start talking to people I care about when I get home while I am working on designs instead of watching TV all night long.  I also need to rearrange my schedule a little bit so I can fit everything that needs to get done everyday.  So I want everyone I care about to know things are going to change and I am going to make more of an effort to stay in contact with everyone and get a set routine with working and designing. 

This post started out talking about my husband and how he made me feel but I realized that this is something I need to work on and I need to make time for people I care about. Registered & Protected

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  1. Singedwingangel says:

    I think we all have a tendency to do this in life. Life gets in the way of life doesn't it..

  2. Dawn aka BusyMom says:

    Coming by from Mama Kat's and did not intend to post a comment this heartfelt… it just came out! 🙂

    I am one of those people who is always making the phone call, sending the email, facebooking to keep in touch, to make a lunch date, to plan a visit since it is only 2-3 hours out of my way… and I am so tired of being the one trying to keep friendships alive that I have recently just stopped. I know everyone is busy, but Hey! so am I! I have been raising 6 kids forever… working – usually more than one job at a time… running a household that is financially struggling… volunteering for the kids sports and youth groups and schools… I did say I am busy, right? And I am tired. So I hate to say it but I wish I had a friend who would step up and do the reaching out to me for a change… I could use the support.

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