Being Judged. . .

“A Birthmother puts the needs ofher child above the wants of her heart”
-Skye Hardwick
Before I start this post I want to apologize if this postrambles.  I just wrote the thoughts in myhead as they came. 
I have follow a few different blogs written by birth mothersand I also belong to a group on Facebook that is for birth mothers aswell.  Recently I read a postthat was written by a birth mom that made me start to think about how somepeople in the world look at birth moms and how people don’t want to learn aboutadoption.  I  have never regretted placing my daughter foradoption and I also haven’t had people say things to me about how they thinkwhat I did was wrong but I  have gottenthe looks from people.  I get so tired ofpeople being ignorant and rude to birth moms but not listening or let the birthmom explain why she did what she did.  I wantto let the world know that birth moms choice to give their child a better lifethan what we could have provided them.  Iam always willing to tell my story so that other people can be educated aboutadoption.
It is also hard for me to understand how some people can beso closed minded that they will judge us but not take the time to listen tous.  Some people don’t understand howhard it is to place a baby for adoption and then get judged and tell us that wemade the wrong choice.    I have always been the type of person that ifI don’t personally agree with a person’s choice I take the time to listen andhear the reason behind their choice.  Iknow not everyone will like the choice we made but at least give a chance toexplain why we made our choice.  I guessthe point of this post was to ask people to respect our choices.  Our choice was right for us and it may not bethe choice for you but for use it was the right choice.
Have any of you been judged because of a choice youmade?  How did you deal with it? Registered & Protected

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  1. Amethyst Phoenyx says:

    I have to tell you I really hate those who judge you. You made a decision that was best for your children.

  2. Aunt Juicebox says:

    There are a lot of people in the world who SHOULD give their children up for adoption. At least you were able to make a decision that you thought your daughter would have a better life with someone else, and that's incredibly admirable.

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