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I have been thinking a lot about my own daughter and it has made me think about my own mom.  I have to wonder how my mom can treat me like she does.  I know I could never do what she is doing to me to Brita.  I can’t wrap my head around a mother not caring about her kids.  I understood about her not looking for me but since I have found her she wants nothing to do with us.  I thought mothers loved their children and would want a relationship with them.  I don’t understand how she can just turn off her love for me and my brother.  How do could she just walk away when I was 8 and never come back?  Its like she has just forgotten about us and is able to pretend we don’t exist. 

When I called her on this stuff she told me I didn’t have to mean!?!?!?  Funny thing about it is that I wasn’t mean to her I was just being honest with her and telling her how I feel.  As I read through my email I guess I can see how she thought I was being rude but in the end all I was doing is saying how I felt and she didn’t understand that. As I read through her response back to me it seemed like a whole bunch of excuses.  She is always blaming it on everyone but herself.  What sucks is the fact that since she sent that last email I haven’t heard from her once. I was going to included the actual emails but now that I am thinking about it I have decided that I am going to take them out only because I am hurt and I might regret putting them in the post one day.  I know this post has rambled and probably talked about the same things over and over again but like I always say “This is my blog take it or leave it!”. 

For all you parents out their how do you forget you have 2 children????



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  1. Life, Crafts and Whatever says:

    Parents are weird. And unfortunately they're not always followers of the whole "unconditional love" thing. My husband's mom disowned him when he started dating me. Isn't it crazy? I love my daughters and could never do the same. Just learn from her mistakes, and move on. Don't give her the honor of bringing you down. HUGS.

  2. Beth Zimmerman says:

    I couldn't do it, sweetheart. Although I must admit that one of my grown kids (step-child that I raised since he was 3 and mom was never in the picture) has decided that we chose another person over him and he took himself out of our lives. Long, sad, complicated story. But I do know that some people are incredibly self-centered and having kids doesn't change that. They are not able to put their kids first when it interferes with their own wants and desires. I don't know your situation but some times it is a blessing when those parents walk away!

  3. Melissa Shell says:

    You know what it is like with my children right now. I love them, but they are behaving so not nice towards me. Sometimes I do wonder if they feel similar to how you are feeling.

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