Case Of Nerves

This past week for the Writers Workshop I was going to write about #2 which was A case of the nerves! When was the last time you had them and how did you get through it?  I didn’t get a chance to finish the post and get it up because I had so much to do at work since I was going to be off Friday and I had to get everything ready for the temp person.  I still really wanted to  write a post about it so I figured that I would write it and post it now.

I chose this one because I have had major issues with nerves the past couple of weeks.  At the end of February I chipped a tooth while I was eating so I had to find a dentist and also figure out how I am going to pay to get it fixed since I don’t have dental insurance.  When I was younger I had to have 2 sets of braces and the 2nd set was super painful.  Ever since then I have always had major issues when it came to going to the dentist.  Since I had chipped my tooth I had to go I couldn’t put it off any longer.  As I was calling around to find a dentist I literally wanted to have a panic attack because the thought of going to a dentist made me so nervous.

I finally did find a dentist and the first 2 times I saw him I was super nervous and anxious but now that I have seen him twice I don’t have the same problem.  I have to go back in may to have more work done but I don’t get nervous at all thinking about it.  When I get nervous I always just force myself to do whatever makes me nervous because I know that it will all pass with time.  I have learned to just talk myself through the situation because as I have gotten older I have had more issues with nerves and I think that is something that the MS has caused.   I know that I can talk myself through situations and then after time they aren’t as scary and don’t make me nervous like they did in the beginning.

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