May 2013 Favorites

May Favorites

 It is that time of the month again and here are some of the things I have loved during the month of May.

  • Here are a list of books that I have totally loved during the month of May: Catching A Falling Star, Once Upon A Prince, A Noble Groom, & The Cat That God Sent.  The review on Catch A Falling Star will go live on Tuesday the 4th of June.  If you ever are in need a good book to read let me know because I read pretty much everything.
  • I loved changing up my cell phone case’s often.  I am not sure how many I have but I have tons and I keep buying new ones because they are a good deal.  I am going to do a post in the coming weeks on all of my cases.
  • I had this in my favorites a few months ago but it is still something I use almost all day long and that is my iPod.  I love it even more since my laptop has died and I don’t have access to my music that was on there.
  • I just discovered this song at the end of the month but since I bought the song I have basically had it on repeat and it is pretty much all I listen to.  I have been loving Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  Here is the link to the music video.   I can’t help but smile when I watch it.
  • I have been loving the new Brown Rice Baked with Sweet Potato Triscuits in the Roasted Sweet Onion flavor.  One I start eating a box I tend to eat the whole thing in just one sitting.  If you have never heard of these click here to see and read about them.

Those are some of the things I loved during the month of May.

What did you love during May?

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April Favorites

April Favorites

I can’t believe it is already May.  It seems like just yesterday that it was the first of the year.  Lets get right into things that I loved during the month of April.  I only have a few this month because I didn’t try many new things and I don’t want to repeat any of them from last month.  If you want to check out what liked for the month of March click here and it will take you to last months post.

The first thing I have loved this month are playing games on my phone.  I am sure everyone knows that I finally joined the iPhone band wagon and I got an iPhone 5 a few months ago.  Since I have had the phone I spend more time playing games on it then actually using it as a phone.  Some of my favorite games are: Dream Heights, Tiny Tribe, Castle Story, Family Farm & Paradise Cove.

rockstarhandcreme1I also have been loving my Julep Rock Star Hand Cream that I got a couple of months ago in my Julep Maven Box.  I love this lotion for many reasons and one of those is that it is small enough to fit in my purse and the smell isn’t overwhelming.  I have bigger bottles of lotion at home and at work and yet I still find that I am always using this one.  It doesn’t leave my hands greasy or anything like that.

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I also have been loving my Belkin iPhone cases.  I have the two that are shown above and I can’t get enough of them.  They are slim which is a great thing because my other cases are bulky and I don’t use them as much as these two.  If you would like to see a post on all of the cases I have for my phone let me know and I will write one.

Those are all of my favorites for last month.  I already have a list of things for May so it will be a longer post next month for sure.

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March Favorites~ Writers Workshop

March Favorites

I am sure some of you know that I love to watch YouTube videos and every month most of them do videos listing their month favorites.  This week for the writers workshop one of the prompts was to list my March favorites and I thought it would be fun to show everyone the products I loved and used a ton in March.

NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight_AngledFirst I have loved my Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.  I am sure most of you know that I love to read books and I review a ton of them here on my blog.  I love to read actual books because I am one of the weird people who loves the smell of books but there are times where it is easier  to just throw my nook in my purse and run out the door.

white_iphone_5The second thing I have been loving is my iPhone 5.  I got this at the end of January I believe and I love it.  For those who may not know I love all Apple products so it is surprising that this is the first time I have ever had an iPhone.  I am happy with it but I still do miss my Blackberry but for now I will stick with the iPhone.


I also have been loving my iPod Touch.  My laptop died in February so I lost all of my music but because I have the iPod I will have music until I can afford a new laptop.


 Another favorite of mine for the past few months is a singing group from Ireland called Celtic Thunder.  I own all of their CD’s and I also own most of their DVD’s.  I first heard them a few years ago and just started really listening to them in the past 6 months or so.

Those are just a few of the things that I loved in the month of March.  What did you love last month?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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