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3 Day Twitter Hop

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Day 4- Something I Need To Forgive Someone For & Writers Work Shop

Today’s topic is easy for me.  I need to forgive my parents for leaving me at my parents when I was 8 years old.  I know I was better off where I was at but there at still days that it hurts and sucks.  I feel like I missed out on a lot of moments that children usually have with their parents.  I think what makes it harder for me to forgive my mom is that fact that she doesn’t even seem to care.  Hell I took the time to find and contact her and now she acts like she could careless.  At least my dad is trying.  I am not totally comfortable with it yet but I am working on it and he understands that and is willing to let things go at my pace.  So I am working on forgiving him but I truly think I am just going to write my mom off and try to forget about her because she doesn’t seem to care at all about me so why should I let it hurt me anymore. 

Now for the writers workshop.  This week I chose # 1 which is : If I could do it over again…  If I could do anything over again I wouldn’t get married.  It has been nothing but a waste of time and huge waste of my money.  I can honestly say that it is the worst mistake I have made thus far in my life.  I would be so much father with my goals if I had just stayed single and not wasted time on him.  He has done nothing but make my life hell the entire 4 years we have been together.  So that would have to be the thing I would do over again.

Here is a twitter party that I am going to take part in on Friday.  It for those of us that aren’t attending BlogHer.  It is being thrown by One Cluttered Brain!  Everyone should come and join us!  It should be a great time and there will even be giveaways!