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Top 6 Places I Would Move Too

This week I am going to write about number three which is: top 6 places I would move too if I could.  I chose this one because I have always hoped that I could move out of Utah and go somewhere else in the country.  Some of these are super precise and others I would be happy to live anywhere in the state.

1- San Diego-I have this one on here because it has pretty constant weather, and since I have Multiple Sclerosis it would be nice to be able to plan for what the weather will do from day to day.  In Utah, it is always just a guess and most days everyone is wrong.

2- Hawaii-Who wouldn’t want to live in paradise because it sounds just about perfect for me.

3- Michigan-My Grandma is from Michigan, and she and I went to visit her family, and I fell in love with the state, and it would love to move there and stay forever.

4- Florida-This one is just because of the warm weather but I know that most of the time I would hate living there because of how hot it does get, but I think in the long run I would like it more than here.

5- Chicago-I included this one because when I was in high school, I wanted to move to a huge city and work in the E.R. because I wanted to be a life flight nurse.

6- Colorado-I chose this one because it is super similar to where I grew up so I think I would like it there in the long run but I know I would hate the snow just as much as I do here.

Those are my top 6 places where would you move if you could?  I am sure once I post this I will think of other locations that I would love to move too.

All of the prompts for this week:

1. A moment you realized you were a grown up.
2. Write about something that brought you joy today.
3. You have to move away from your state in one month. List 6 destinations you wouldn’t mind relocating to.
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: Blossom.
5. Instagram fun! Share a photo you took with Instagram this week and tell us what you love about it.

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