3 Years

I posted this on my private blog but I don’t care anymore if he reads this so I am going post it here as well!

It is hard for me to believe that today will make it three years that I have been married.  Now that being said we have never had a real anniversary because the first year I was sick in bed from a migraine, year two we were separated and this year three we are officially done just not divorced yet.  For some reason this year is really hard for me.  It is probably because I know him and I won’t ever speak after things are done because of how he treats me and how is always trying to get into my business.  I guess I will never understand why he feels the need to still try and tell me what to do and have to know everything that is going on in my life.  I am going to go through his stuff this weekend and get rid of it all in the next few weeks.  I am done playing his games and he doesn’t think I will do it.  So when he does come to get what was in my storage unit it will all be gone.  I just have no desire to see him or to even deal with him anymore.  I hope he can be happy but I doubt that he will ever truly be happy because of how he treats people.  He doesn’t seem to get why people don’t stay around him very long.  Even his “friends” don’t stay around him very long.  One of his “friends” that knows Tim asked Tim what I was really like because “he knows how Josh is”.  It makes me really wonder what Josh has told everyone about me.  It hurts knowing that someone who supposedly “loved” me can say mean things about to people.  All I know is he has some issues and until he gets them figured out no one will be around him for very long! 

That is all for this post but I am sure I will think of more to write later and I will just update it then