Steve Jobs – Quote Of The Week

Quote Of The Week

This week’s quote is from Steve Jobs.


When I saw this quote I liked it because there are a lot of things that are important but will never change the world.  Like reading books and learning new skills.  I always think of my learning how to code websites and learning graphic design.  Those two things are important to me, but I doubt that they will ever change the world.

What do you think of this week’s quote of Steve Jobs?

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Quote Of The Week-Steve Jobs

As most of you have seen I have this quote on my sidebar.  I have had it there for months and it is my all time favorite post.  I had a blog critique done on my blog last week, which I have an up coming post on, and the things that she said about my blog gave me a few idea’s for new things on my blog.  I am going to change the quote that is on my sidebar once a week.  Also I am going to write a post about the the quote I chose each week.  If anyone has any great quotes please feel free to email them to me at theworldasiseeit25 at gmail dot com with why you love the quote and I will put it up on Sunday.  I am going to change the quotes every Sunday.  This week I chose the following quote by Steve Jobs:

I found this quote today and I love it.  I see so many people stay with the same person even if the person isn’t right for them.  They stay because they don’t believe that they will ever find someone or they can’t stand to be alone.  I have been single for a year or so now and I am okay with that because I refuse to be in a relationship with someone just because I am having issues being single. Registered & Protected