Writers Workshop- $ 500

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I chose to write about number 3 this week for the writers workshop because I know exactly what I would do with $ 500.  I am not sure if I have talked about this yet on my blog but my laptop died a couple of weeks ago and I don’t have the money to replace it at the moment so if I had $ 500 I would put it towards paying off my iPhone so that I would be that much closer to being able to buy a new Macbook.

I paid full price for my iPhone because I didn’t want to switch cell phone companies and T-Mobile doesn’t offer the iPhone but it does work on their network.  So I got mine through Apple and just took it into T-Mobile to get a sim card that would fit it.  So I have to pay it off and I also want to pay off my car and then I will save and pay cash for a brand new laptop for myself.

I really want to get rid of the the debt that I do have which isn’t much anymore.  I still have the credit card with my husband that has a huge balance on it but refuse to pay for it so that will still be there but I don’t want any other debt.   I am always scared that I will lose my job or something like that and I would hate to buy the laptop on a credit card and then not be able to pay for it.

Anyways this post has gotten away from me.  So if I got $ 500 I would pay off my iPhone.

What would you do with $ 500?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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The 26th-Thanksgiving And My Birthday

Well the 26th was my birthday and Thanksgiving.  It was a good day and it was also stressful because I was going to go to dinner at my Dad’s house and it was the third time I had met with him.  So I started out the day bright and early because I could sleep so I got up and just relaxed most of the day.  We went to my Dad’s about about 12:30 or so.  When we got there we just looked at my baby books that I had brought and then we ate.  After that we just watched football for awhile.  I got two sets of flowers for my birthday this year which was really nice and unexpected.  When my husband came over in the morning he brought me roses and my Dad and Heather brought me three Gerber Daisy’s.  All in all I think it was one of my favorite birthdays.  It was nice for my husband to meet my husband.  The other times when I met with him my best friend came with me.  It seemed like they all got along which was a great thing and made it less stressful for me. 
Today is Black Friday and my Grandma and I went shopping and got a few things.  I ordered my new lap top online yesterday so that I wouldn’t have to fight crowds to get one.  I had to pay shipping but it was worth it because I didn’t have to get in a fight to get one this morning.  I am super excited and I can’t wait until it gets here. 
I hope everyone had a great Black Friday!