I Am How Old?!?!?!?!


How OldAt that beginning of September I had an appointment with my Multiple Sclerosis doctor to get the results for my latest MRI.  I have an update coming up that will let everyone know the results and all the fun stuff.

Anyways back to the story at hand.  I was sitting in the office meeting with the doctor and she asked me how old I was.  I said I was 26 and left it at that.  Well after I got home from the doctors I started to wonder if I was actually 26 or if I was 27.

I was looking at the print out that they gave me after my appointment that says what we are doing and when my next appointments are.  The paper said that I was 27.  I had to go and ask my grandma how old I was and she said she thought I was 27.  Well come to find out I spent all year thinking I was 26 and turning 27 next month.  Looks like I was wrong and I am turning 28 next month so I vote that I get to have two birthdays because I got two years older this year!

All I can say is that I get to have two birthdays this year and I feel like a total idiot!!!! Gotta love not knowing how old you are!  The other funny thing is as long as I can remember everyone in my family has always forgotten how old I am so I guess I am just following their lead!

What is one thing you forgot that you shouldn’t have forgotten?

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