Monthly Favorites – September 2016


I did a few of this kind of posts in the past, but I think it has been year’s since I have taken the time to write one. Reviews have slowed down for me lately so I figured now would be an excellent opportunity to share some of the things that I am currently loving.

One the things I have been enjoying lately is a book that I am reading to review. The book is called The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter. I am not going to say much about this book because I will have a review up for it on October fifth. I have enjoyed everything about this book so make sure you check back on the fifth to find out what I loved so much about it.


The next thing I have loved has been adult coloring books. Over the past six months, I have been getting into them. I love coloring with gel pens in them because I have all different types of finishes, and they have such bright colors. I have loved one that is like a journal in the sense that you can write down thoughts you have about a quote or lesson that is taught on the other page. Then you can color the pages or just decorate the pages. I love this because it is journaling, but it also makes you think about God and life. If you are interested in pick this up, you can click here to buy a copy for yourself.


I also have been loving listening to Pandora radio on my way to and from work. I have always had a tremendous passion for music, and I love Pandora because it allows me to listen to all types of different music and it also recommends songs and artists that I might like. I love finding new music, and I have loved Pandora for that reason lately.


I have also been loving binge watching documentaries on YouTube and Netflix. I always have something playing in the background when I am at home on the weekends or even while I am at work during the week. There is one documentary that I watch on Netflix, and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it. It is called “Finding Home” and it is about the poor girls that are part of the sex trafficking problem in Cambodia. I have watched this one twice, and it breaks my heart just thinking about what the poor girls are forced to go through and deal with.


Those are a few of the things I have loved this month.  I sure there are more things I could write about but I have run out of time.  Maybe next month I will have more time to share more of the music and movies that I am loving.

What is something you love right now?

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Welcome Sista’s!!!!

I want to welcome everyone that is coming by today!!!!!  I am super excited to be the featured blogger by SITS today!  If anyone doesn’t know who they are you need to check them out because they are totally awesome!  They pick a blogger a day and feature that blogger.  Today is my day and I am super happy and excited that everyone is coming by today!!!!!

Let me tell you about me.  I am a 25 year old that is going through a divorce to a total idiot.  Here is a story from when I was learning to drive that I think you will find funny.  I also have written two post about Bullying which you can find here & here.  Bullying is something that I feel strongly about because I was bullied when I was in school.

I placed a baby for adoption when I was 20 and funny enough the 7th was her 5th birthday so this made that day easier on me! Here and here are where I wrote about the experience.

I have to cats that I call either the girls or the cubs and I treat them like they are children!  Here and here is a post that they posted on my blog awhile back.

 I also have Multiple Sclerosis.  I post updates about that all the time but here are two posts about M.S.
Me & The MS
FYI About MS

I am so glad that everyone  stopped by!  I will return visits and emails as soon as I can!!!!!!  Have a great day and I hope that you stick around!!!!!!