Langston Hughes-Quote Of The Week

Quote Of The Week

This week’s quote is byLangston Hughes.

Langston Hughes

I loved this quote when I saw it because it is so true.  I also think that this true because if you give up on your dreams, then there is no way that you will go anywhere in life.  I have had my dreams change, but I always have something that I am working towards so that I don’t just stay in the same spot in life.

What do you think of this weeks quote by Langston Hughes?

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Colin Powell-Quote Of The Week

Quote Of The Week

This week for the quote I chose a quote by Colin Powell.  This quote is about dreams and how you can make your dreams come true.

Colin Powell

I have to say that after I read this quote I totally agree with it.  I know that are times I find myself just waiting around for my dreams to come true when if I was working towards them I am sure that they would have come true sooner.

What quote are you loving right now?

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