My Love Affair With . . .

Mama’s Losin’ It

This week for the writers workshop I am going to write about 3.) How did your love affair with Coffee begin? (Or Diet Coke or Tea or whatever your beverage of choice might be.) (inspired by Buried With Children)  I am going to substitute Dr. Pepper because everyone that knows me knows that I drink a lot of it.  Well I used to drink a lot of it now  I am down to 1 can in the morning when I get to work and the rest of the day is spent drinking water.

Anyway when I saw this prompt the first thing that popped in my head is about one of my roommates from my freshman year of college.  She is from New Hampshire and came to Utah for college.  When she was first she didn’t like Dr. Pepper but since I always had it in the fridge by the end of year she liked it as much as I did.  Also by the end of school year we had her liking fry sauce as well lol.

I really have no idea when I stopped drinking other drinks and just stuck to Dr. Pepper.  I am sure it had to have happened in college but I am not sure.  Since I have been drinking for years I can’t even imagine what it would be like to not ever have one again.  I have cut back in the hopes that I will be able to lose some weight and not have to stop drinking it for good.  I have tried tons of times to stop drinking it and lets just say the longest I have lasted has only been a few weeks.

What do you guys like to drink?

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