Writers Workshop

These are the prompts for this weeks Workshop.  I haven’t done with in awhile but I am going to try and write one because I need to just write.  It has been a really long time since I have just written on this blog so I am going to do it!
1.) Write about a time when you laughed at an inappropriate time.

2.) What did you once lose?  Write about your search to find it again.
(inspired by writingfix.com)

3.) What current event do you feel strongly about? Write an opinion post!
(inspired by Jennifer from Momma Made It Look Easy.)

4.) Begin each line of your post with “have you ever”.
(inspired by Vikki from Live. Laugh. Pull Your Hair Out)

5.) Who doesn’t call or write you enough?  Write about that person.
(inspired by writingfix.com)

I think I am going to write about #3 because there is always something in the world that I feel strongly about.  There are a lot of things I could write about right now but I am going to write about the oil spill.  I don’t think our country is doing enough to stop it and I also don’t think that the company should be off the hook.  They should have to pay for the clean up.  I don’t see how it isn’t their fault.  I mean hell they were the ones drilling and the ones that caused the spill so it should be their responsibility to clean up the mess and pay for the outside people that are trying to clean it up as well.  

I don’t get why they aren’t working harder to try and clean up the mess and stop it.  It seems like the government in our country could care less about it.  I guess it just proves to me what a waste of a President we have.  He is all talk but isn’t really doing anything.  They should have started digging a relief well already because as I can see it that is going to to be the only thing that is going to stop the leak.  It seems like they don’t really want to stop the leak though.  Who knows though.

Those are my thoughts on that situation.  I could go on for days about our President but I will save that for a later date.