Blogger Cliques

I was looking through Kludy Mom’s Idea Bank and saw this topic: Do you feel there are blogger cliques? And if so, where do you fit in?  When I saw it I knew I had to write about it because I do think that cliques happen in the blog world just like they happen in real life. I blogged for about a year before I started to find other blogs to read.  I of course found some of the big blogs when I was starting and I loved them but then drama started between one group of them and another group.  I stayed out of it and wasn’t sure what they were really arguing and fighting about but when I happened I literally stopped reading all of their blogs because I hate dealing with drama and crap that reminds me of high school.

As most of you know I am slowing starting my own design business and I have seen that there are also cliques in the design world.  I really have tried to stay out of them because I just don’t play that game and I also want to be friend with everyone.  I do have a really great friend who taught me all I know and is still around to help and give me advice.  Other than her I don’t really talk to other designers because I refuse to deal with drama and cliques.

I really just don’t see the need for cliques because as bloggers would should all support each other.  Drama of it all just gets old!

What do you guys think of cliques in the blog world?

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