5 Random Facts About Me

5 Random Facts

This week for the writers workshop I am going to give everyone 5 random facts about me & my family.

  1. I was raised by my grandparents from about the age of 8 on.
  2. I found my mom after I had my daughter and she was at my wedding but since that day I haven’t had contact with her.
  3. I was 22 when I first drank alcohol.  I am still not a big drinker in fact I don’t even remember how long it has been since I drank.
  4. I have never smoked.
  5. I have always been super shy and I talking on the phone.

Those are 5 random things that I don’t think people know about me.  Of course there are many more things that I could have listed but I didn’t really want to create drama or anything like that.  I am not sure who reads my blog so I am not comfortable being 100% honest with everyone right now.

What is one random fact about you?

Is there anything you would like to see on my blog or any topic you would like me to write about?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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